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16th September 2008.

I went with my boyfriend to take some pictures to the ruins of a roman amphitheater that there is in Catania (hopefully pictures of this will be uploaded tomorrow night)… well, I guess that the first lesson of that day has been: “Taking pictures to monuments isn’t something you should keep doing”. Indeed, I enjoyed more to take pictures to some kittens that had their “house” there.
These little cats gave me the chance to take a lot of pictures and of different kind: from the happy to the gloomy type.
Today, I choose a picture, that, according to me, belongs to the second group… or at least, it seams so to me and I feel kinda of “represented” from this kitten.


This little guy was peeking from its home to see if it was safe to get out, its siblings did alike but this one was probably the most prudent kitten… soon later, I set with my camera a little further and I started to watch and wait.
All the kittens came out 3 or 4 times, giving me the chance to take some nice shots. Later, alas, came a numerous group of tourists that scared the little cats a who run to their home.
After a few minuets my boyfriend showed me that there were grids on the floor, from these grids you could see parts of some tunnels… the cat of the picture was watching us, at a first moment I thought to take another picture of him staying below the grid… but, seemed like the cat was in prison, so I gave up the idea to take this picture and I went away in order to leave at peace the little cat.

New Gallery online: “Animals”—>”Cats”. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

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    Dear NightOwl87,
    a bit of insomnia, it happens.
    My daughters could KILL for your cats’ gallery… and even me, pretending to play the hard-hearted role with our cat, I enjoy your shots and “lick my moustache” [unused words in English, but… who cares? ;-)]
    Good day!
    Brown Bear

  2. avatar

    Okie dokie, I am late. Sorry.
    These have been pretty busy days, but not so bad.

    If you think your daughter might really enjoy one of those pictures you know where to contact me to have info! ;D

    (A word to the wise ;D)

    Have a nice Saturday, my friend! ;D
    Thanks for everything (hug)

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