Taking off… to take some pictures! ;D


Busy days, fortunately.
I hate doing nothing that amaze me. Who would like?
Yesterday I went to my country house (800 mt above sea level)… a lot of people here have a country house somewhere on Mt Etna. Anyway, yesterday was a cloudy day, so I had the chance to take only a couple of  “on the average” shots. The taking off butterfly is one of those… I hope I can try to take a similar, but better, shots soon. I hope you will enjoy this.

I should be studying, but that’s a weird period of my life… anyway, I am fleeing to take some pictures around Catania, I want to picture Building in Liberty Style.
I will talk about it later.

Wish me luck! ;D

Have a wonderful day.

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Posted in Animals and Butterflies and Catania and Catania monuments and Cities by ElyLon on May 2nd, 2009 at 10:00 AM.


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2 Replies

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    Dear NightOwl87,
    wow! Not bad, to be an unfavourable day!!!
    Good afternoon!
    Translating our “poet” C.Baglioni: “Saturday is slowly going away/ Little sparrow, what’s the sense of that?”
    I’m fooling around, as usual!!!! 😉
    Brown Bear

  2. avatar

    I do think it’s not a bad shot for that day, but I wish I could…

    Complaining as always! 😉

    Have a wonderful Sunday my friend! ;D

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