«Whoever has “eyes” to see ought to see”»

I went to see shooting stars and trying to catch a picture of one of them. I took no shooting star picture, but I had the pleasure to see the show given by the more “static” stars…and appreciate the difference of color and length path of each of them:


It was cold, cooler than I thought because it had rained the previous afternoon and the moon rose, making the “seeing” less good, but there was something of really good to enjoy:


the just risen, amazing, moon!

We went to sleep (at about 3.30 am) saying to each other: “We’ll wake at 5am and see how the sky looks like”… we woke up at 7am, and just because the sun had just “risen” from the nearby little wood! ;D
We surely couldn’t go back of 2 hours, but we went out to check if there was some amazing … nothing.
But, we’ve notice a little bashful  “young lady”, that showed itself just the time of a couple of pictures and then flown away… as it just wanted to wish a “Good Morning”…

or just didn’t want to distract me from another amazing show, that I wish I could see from my window in Catania, but that I can just see at my country house…

… and this show allowed me to take the best picture of the day, and I even hadn’t thought that I was going to take a picture of Mt. Etna 🙂

It’s so weird that, if we talk about picture, I have no problem if something goes in a way I didn’t plan, and to be able to appreciate the unexpected.
With the passing of time, looks like that this “maybe-gift” and “sure-distraction” of taking pictures is, somehow, the way that Someone is using to tell me:

<<Whoever has “eyes” to see ought to see!>>

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Posted in Animals and Butterflies and Experiments and Mt Etna and Panoramas and PhotoNmessage by ElyLon on August 16th, 2009 at 11:11 PM.


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2 Replies

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    Hai notato anche la presenza di due \"stelle mobili\"? Due pianeti, dei quali uno è Venere e l\’altro? Hai mai visto un tramonto di luna piena? \"A che tante facelle e che fa questo infinito seren ed io che sono?\"

  2. avatar

    E’ una canzone o son domande?
    Ad ogni modo, Venere non l’ho vista, al tramonto ero in casa con i miei ed Ema, mentre all’alba dormivo.
    Se l’altro pianeta è Giove invece sì, ma era dalla parte opposta (rispetto al pezzo di cielo che scattavo).
    Tramonto di luna piena non l’ho visto, ne ho visto il sorgere dal mare, più volte.

    (hugs) 🙂

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