Like kids

Today I spent a nice evening with my boyfriend, a friend coming from Florence and a friend who was the chef of the evening and the house owner. Of course there were also her 3 children.

We had a really nice dinner together and we spent a lovely time and, the eldest child (a girl only 2 years younger than me) showed us the little turtle they recently “adopted” 🙂

We were all “adults” there but we all enjoyed looking at the turtle and letting it walk on our hand  as we were little children.

In watching this:

6 hands and a turtle

2 physicist and a 20yrs old girl being the ground for that little turtle that was a little confused, half asleep, and “tortured” by the 22yrs old girl that run this blog and took some pictures (with flash, sorry but it wasn’t really light there)… I was amazed.

I cannot show here their faces, but all of them were smiling, were happy, were enjoying such a small and “not important” presence in their life… like kids.

While I was coming back home, I don’t know the reason but, this image, of the 3 of them holding the little turtle doing their best to not hurt it… made me thinking: “Well, makes sense God came  to this earth as a little poor child and never used force and always talked about love (not the sticky one) and defeated death…  those one who truly see that little child as the center of their lives have a really great reason to be good and happy” 🙂

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    ogni volta che la vedo mi piace di più….

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