Winter is coming soon

When I woke up this morning I felt that air was cooler than usual, therefore it has been pretty difficult to “leave” bed and start the new day 🙂

A few minutes later, while I was working on some pictures I had taken on Thursday morning for a friend’s graduation ceremony, my mother came in my room and said: “Go out, there’s the sun and it’s pretty warm”.

I trusted her and went out to see, actually it was a lot warmer than I thought so I just started walking to and fro on the balcony enjoying the sun and, smiling. In the meanwhile I’ve been thinking about the fact that in that moment was good to be living in Sicily, I mean, if I were in Milan probably warm days like today are less frequent… I was in a “good” and “calm” mood. Pretty uncommon for me.

In similar situations, when I’m in a more “Elisish” mood I point my face to the sun, close my eyes, open wide my arms and yell: “Oh! What a sweet and great thing is nuclear fusion!”. Usually people around me are physicist or “science lovers” so they just smile about my craziness and I understand what I mean… 🙂

But today I wasn’t in the mood of craziness so I just walked calm I took some pictures because I noticed it:

PB137872 copy

Mom had hanged a duvet cover. The first one I’ve ever had… that, of course, has a picture of  New York “printed” on it. A classic picture you can find everywhere… but I do love it and have it since I was 12 or so 🙂

This cover, more than the cold I had felt previously, made me realize that winter is really close… and I thought:”Well! Duvet is coming back on my bed!”. I smiled and thought “Finally!”. I don’t like winter and cold seasons, but…

a) if I have more than 2 blankets on my bed, at least one of theme is always rolled up at the feet of the bed and it drives me crazy… “n-blankets bed system” is not good for sleeping, at least, not for me.

b) it’s warm, soft and  it’s like a constant kind caress… I love it.

Well. It’s pretty late here and I’m really tired. Have a nice night! 🙂

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Posted in Black&white by ElyLon on November 13th, 2009 at 11:55 PM.

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