I’ve been a little sick in the last days.

Today is my name day. Well, actually the day I say it’s my name day and I hope someone remember this… but beyond mom and grandma (from which came wonderful 50€! :D) nobody remembered that. Ssssh! It’s not such a big deal. There have been years I’ve been the first to forget about it.

Fortunately mom is baking an apple pie for me today. Hope it won’t hurt my stomach. It shouldn’t…  :roll:

Tonight I was having, once again, that terrible stomachache. Went to the bathroom and saw a strange guy looking at me


I’m the youngest in my family but everyone here is crazy, I thought someone had played and created that kind of face. In the morning I’ve asked to my mother and she said it was casual. Well, love this random event that happens, it gave me a reason to smile even while I wasn’t feeling well 🙂

In the afternoon… I should have been studying but… well… I went to wash my hands and saw this


I’ve lived in this house since I was born, it’s the first time I see this long nose face. Cool! Mom sees limestone traces there and she’s trying to fighting them… I see a face and I smile.

And then in the kitchen an old knowledge…


I wished I could find one of my first pictures taken to this guy, but I cannot find it at the moment.

And I saw many other funny faces all around in the house, faces I had never noticed before. I’m 22 but at time I think my brain works alike a 2 yrs old girl’s brain 🙂

Am I getting crazy? 🙂 May be. What’s sure is that this crazy imagination is of no help in what I’ve to study…

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Posted in Black&white by ElyLon on November 17th, 2009 at 8:03 PM.

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