The story of the unusual sunflower

I am a sunflower that has been planted in a wrong period and place (September in Sicily).

I’ve taken more than 2 months to grow a few centimeters.

There have been cold, dry and warm days.

At the end of September, when I was only a sprout came a very terrible storm at night, and a girl run outside, under the rain, in order to save me and my 2 little brothers living in another vase. Her mother yelled at her saying: “What did you do there?! You are all wet now!”

An animal ate all my first leaves, and this probably slowed down my growth.

In October there have been terrible rainy days that cooled air and killed my brothers, but I kept on going ahead.

I gave up growing too much. I gave up becoming as majestic as were my parents in July. I only wanted to live and do my best and enjoy and use every single ray of light that hit me.

A few days ago came very warm days that made me able to grew a little more but…

I started lacking of water. “Were was gone that girl? She no longer come outside checking me… I need water”.

2 days ago she saw me. She gave me water, she cared of me… I finally bloomed today.

SF2t copy

Nobody believed I would have ever bloomed or survived, except that girl.

At first I hated her, I was suffering and wondering: Why did she plant me in such a wrong place and period?
I don’t know the answer.

Other people come and smile or laugh at me saying “Oh! You bloomed in a wrong period my dear” or saying “Oh! How small you are”.

I’ll never be majestic because I’ve been planted in the wrong period and place, but…

I’m alive and I’ve lived longer and seen seasons that all my other relatives have never seen.

I saw that girl smiling proud of me.

I won my little battle.

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    One of the best post I\’ve ever read.

    Simply affecting, no more words.

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