11 Weirdness

This morning it was warm and sunny, lovely to be late December… so lovely that I decide to go out for a couple of hours with the webmaster (my bf) to take some pictures.

The webmaster brought his camera too, but didn’t use it… weirdness #1… but he is the webmaster, probably he is not supposed to carry a camera to use it… he probably just stands pictures world to stay with me. How lovely is women power! 😎

We were in a status of “lack of imagination” (Weirdness #2). Therefore we went to Catania port seeking seagulls. Actually I wished that Mt Etna were clouds free… wished, indeed. It had a big annoying hat of clouds! That’s not weird, at least.

I tried to take some seagulls pictures, but nothing of “wow” and MANY of them out of focus. Weirdness #3.


Soon later we saw an animal that the webmaster and a policemen (who will take part to this “Weirdness dance” in a few line) told me it’s a “Cormorano” (Cormorant?).


I don’t know if it’s true, both of them probably knows about animals as much as I know about Japanese language…

I took 3 pictures of this lovely, weird, big and black animal but in all of the 3 pictures the beak is out of focus, burned or blurred. Weirdness #4…
I was trying to get closer to it


in order to get a better shot but… I probably moved in a port area that for some weird reason I wasn’t allowed to walk in… weirdness #5 because there were no signal that said “Stop”. I mean, I guess I can read and see and there was nothing…

Despite the lack of advices, my terrible, awful and dangerous presence made 2 policemen get worried and come saying me that I couldn’t walk there… actually, I’m pretty sure they didn’t see me (small size, moving fast) but the webmaster loves law so much that stood in front of the police station door… I tried to explain why I was there but gave up because the only answer I received was: “Don’t walk there, you can take a picture from here if you wish” [“Here” was 3 meters away from me… A big distance in term of “getting closer to the subject” but probably a really ridiculous difference in term of “law”: Weirdness #6].
When the policemen understood  we wanted just to take a picture to that animal said “Oh, the Cormorant, he stays in this area often…”. Weirdness #7 because I’ve seen at least other 2 of that animal in that area… I was going to tell it to the policemen but I gave up and moved away…
I can’t get angry with him, at the end, he was just doing his work (I guess) and probably being a little annoyed to work on Sunday during Christmas time…

But, I couldn’t avoid to feel really annoyed. It’s terrible how someone did an awful use of the camera made other people being always suspicious of other people holding a camera. It’s terrible how people can protect themselves from people like me, whose only interest was to take picture of a bird, and will never be able to protect from really dangerous “photographer”. Weirdness #8.

Sigh Sigh.

Weirdness #9. Usually when I’m stopped by human being in taking pictures of something, the subject (if an animal) moves in a place where I can take a good picture of it… it didn’t happen today.


I tried to take a few other pictures, but I got almost nothing.


It was too late and I had to leave…

In 30 minutes weather turned from sunny to cloudy and rainy. Weirdness #10.

It’s almost 3pm, and I still didn’t have lunch. Weirdness #11.

Do you think I can define today a weird Sunday?

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Posted in Animals and Birds and Seagulls by ElyLon on December 27th, 2009 at 3:10 PM.

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