New start on Tumblr and other stuff

Yesterday I opened a tumblr page.

I followed the example of a wonderful Grandma’s who runs querere-deum.

Why doing this? Well, I’m curious, I thought it was interesting, it’s fast in upload and apparently friends enjoy more fast/short post. Beside, seems like it can be pretty useful for several reason and actually it easily gives me the chance to do what I wanted to do with a “blog” a couple of years ago. I have to admit that for a second I thought about shutting down this site and just work on tumblr, but soon later I understood that:

a) The webmaster (bf) would shut me down :).  He is a lovely guy but he spent so much time, and still does, on improving the site… He just finished to do a great work (new layout), so he would be right in getting a little too angry.

b) 2 years ago isn’t now, I changed and therefore changed my intention and my style, so… it’s a pity to waste what I built with the webmaster’s help 🙂

c) With this web space I’m much more free to do whatever I want.

So here I am playing with both and today I post a Feynman’s quote:

You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird…

So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing — that’s what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.

and this picture:

Bird Drinking Water

It’s one of my favorite quotation because one of my biggest problem with passing exams at university is remember the name of things… a lot of time, during a spoken test, I’ve been asked to talk about “principle x” and I couldn’t answer because I didn’t know “principle x” was called X… I just called it “the principle that says…”. It’s terrible and silly, I know, it shouldn’t happen but it does… at least this sentence makes me laugh about my deficit and making me feeling a little less stupid.

The same happens with flowers and animals, I’ve observed, photographed many animals and flowers without knowing them, I let their mere beauty hit me and then discover the name of that specific flower or animal, and in some special case I discovered also something about that flower or that animal.

I’ve learn a lot from little simple sparrows that use to come to my house since Winter 2008. I don’t know everything but by just observing them I’ve learn something about them and their habits and not only 🙂

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Posted in Animals and Birds and Sparrows by ElyLon on December 29th, 2009 at 10:08 PM.

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