31st December 2009: 4pm

I’m going to print some calendars I created for my mom, the webmaster and my brother. The last one, despite he is 26 at times behaves like a 5 years old child, he saw I created a calendar for mom and for my boyfriend and started jumping and saying “I wanna have one too!”… lovely 🙂


It’s a tradition since December 2007, create calendars for relatives, friend and myself… didn’t create mine at the moment, I still want to choose well my pictures or, who knows, start a 2011 project to finally create a monthly calendar. 12 pictures with days well shown that says also which festivity is related to that day… it my cost a lot to print such a calendar but I wanna try 🙂

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Posted in Various by ElyLon on December 31st, 2009 at 4:00 PM.

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