My brother, August 2006

The following picture has been taken in August 2006.

I publish it only today, because before I didn’t know how to “play with it” in order to get a result I’d like to publish.

Callo copy

Here you can see my brother, who is one of my 2 favorite male “model”.

Why? Beside the fact that he is good looking, he doesn’t mind if you take picture of him then publish them online, he lives close to where I live and…

he has the luck to result nice in a picture even without posing. [I hate, badly hate, to take picture of people in pose :)]

Yeah I can assure you, he was not posing… he is just this way, crazy enough to tie his t-shirt on his head while cooking sausage for lunch and facing the sky, while waiting those few seconds that pass from a turn to another to get an uniform cooking 😉

[Of the sausage on the bbq not of himself under the sun :P]

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Posted in People and Portraits by ElyLon on February 2nd, 2010 at 12:00 AM.


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    Like you, I find more beauty in captures that are candid instead of the ones that are premeditated or posed. There is a greater degree of authenticity in them that cannot be captured when the shot is being directed from all over the place.

    Although this is my first time commenting, based on the angle that he is being presented, I do agree that your brother is good-looking. =)

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    Welcome to my site, I’m really glad you came and you left a comment. Thanks a lot.

    Yeah, finding beauty or authenticity (that is a form of beauty) on this world is a real challenge, terrible difficult at times, but it’s worth.

    Thanks for what you said about my brother, I’ll tell him and I’m sure he will appreciate what you’ve said. Thanks 😉

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