The “Hug” in the picture.

I spend a good part of my life trying to explain people why I do like taking pictures, recently I said to a friend that taking pictures at times is like being surrounded by a sweet strong hug, it warms up soul in a tender way.

In these days in Catania is happening something to remember this girl.

I wanted to go out to take pictures, but most of the activities happens at evening and at night, and if you don’t want to take pictures with flash and you are not a good photographer with cool camera there are pretty few chances to get a good picture… on the night of the 3rd Feb I realized that I could I have tried to go out to take pictures in the morning of Feb 4th with sunlight.

I did.


Oh, I’ve taken several pictures… but that the one I love more, the one I want to remember.

The human hand stretching out to reach that slice of Beauty, of Love, of Eternity… in this case in a form of a simple picture of a “wood” representing a young woman, a saint, who had been killed for her faith. And the priests, at least good ones, always being there, ready, with their humans hands, to help others to get together that reflection of Beauty.

That human hand stretching out doesn’t look so different from me taking pictures trying to find that Hug…

that’s probably the cause that make me desire to choose only this picture to remember, both, the “Saint Agata festivity” of year 2010 and my attempt to picture at least a little part of it, while “changing the town in better” for at least 3 days.

Soon or later I’ll create the gallery with all other pictures, and comment some of those, if happens.

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