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iMac is giving problems again and I can’t figure out the reason.

To avoid loosing all my works I did a backup copy on an external HD. Last time I did a backup was October 2009… it needed to be done. I had problems in saving pictures too! It really bothered me! If this problem won’t be solved soon I’ll go the mac company and bite someone! Gee! I paid 2000€ and after 2 years it’s acting so?! Are you kidding or what?!

While saving all the pictures I’ve realized how messy is the whole folder and how messy and “old” are the galleries on my site. Beside I planned a few changes for the site that involves different aspects of it.

This means that “a picture a day project” will be different for a few weeks, I am no longer taking a picture a day,  but I’ll try uploading a new picture everyday. This means that at first I’ll show one by one all the pictures I’ve taken on Sunday (and this might take a week or so) and i’ll keep on doing this even if I go out taking pictures and there are several good ones.
You really will see just a picture a day and, if all the recent shots are over and I still need having time to do other thing, I’ll start showing all “old shots” that are still waiting to be considered…

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Posted in Flowers and PhotoNmessage and Roses by ElyLon on May 11th, 2010 at 11:02 PM.

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