The part of the post before the picture is just a short story of my “relationship” with a couple of the Catania university departments. The actual story of the picture is written below it.

I didn’t go nuts, the first part of the post can be a way to learn a bit more about “reasons” that made me take that pictures.

I’m not good with words, especially in English. Sorry.

I study at the University of Catania but I know some of its departments since I was a little girl. That’s because my mother is an university professor.

For the first 19 years of my life I’ve considered that place an something closer to playground than a place where you were supposed to work or study.

In that place I’ve taken some of my first pictures and video.

Actually the video is probably just one, recorded in late October 2002, during one of the first of “those” days that Mt Etna had been really active.

Those days the city was almost totally blocked by Mt. Etna “sand”, thus even schools had been closed for a few days.

Yeah. In other cities schools close due to snow, here in Catania due to “sabbia vulcanica”.

Since schools were closed I had not to study a lot, thus I didn’t resist going with mom to “the big playground” in order to record that big event with my camera and daddy’s camcorder.

(Soon or later I’ll publish the pictures).

There are places in that big “playground” that can get so dark to appear pretty dangerous after sunset.

Some of those places are the “corridors” in the the teachers’ studios area, that is usually kinda empty in late afternoon (7.00 pm or so).

That day of 8 years ago, when I’ve decided to go back to mom’s studio because sun was almost down and it wasn’t safe to stay outside the department, I decided to take a kind of video in the “insides”.

The idea came because everything was first lit by a strange light at sunset (effect of the Mt. Etna sand suspended in sky) and after sunset everything was kinda dark.

The video is only few seconds long, it wanted to represent the quick steps made by a girl who was running in dark to get safe behind those studios. I also enjoyed the camera effect of “night vision” to show my hands looking for (seriously doing that because I couldn’t see well) the right key to open the studio.

A silly video, something I’d never show to someone!

Despite this  I enjoy recalling of it because it is one of the closest “representation” of the sense of desolation and solitude that those empty corridors arise in me.

The same feelings that now are always present in my heart even when those places are well lit and full of students and teachers because, in less than 6 months, the playground turned into “the place that reminds me of my biggest mistakes”.

Into the place of what “it could have been but will never be”.

Yeah. University make me thinking very happy things…

It will pass. Time washes away everything, except Eternity.

The picture you can see here was taken in a late afternoon in summer 2005, but the place is the same.<

My father unconsciously helped me to get a picture of those corridors.

I had find a way to edit this picture only today. This editing, that is just a playing with lights, makes the corridor looking shorter and less spooky, but I love the way my daddy’s silhouette looks like in there.

It is undefined, reflected on the floor in a way that is even more undefined…. it looks like kinda the same way I feel there: an undefined shadow out of its place.

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