Mt Etna, 5:45 am

Early morning 14th August 2010.

I had just spent the whole night outside and while watching lighter stars “disappearing” from sky as the sun lights aheaded on us I noticed 2-3 stars close to Mt. Etna and all was of a lovely blue shades.

I know these little pictures don’t give the idea of what I saw, but it was really amazing that at least a couple of “Thank you” spontaeously came out.

Soon later I “broke” my polarizing lens, and so came out not nice word, but fortunately the webmaster fixed it.


P.S. In one week I’ll be in Rimini for the Meeting of Rimini, I’m feeling strange about it, indeed I’m partially excited, partially worried but I don’t know the reason of this last feeling.

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Posted in Mt Etna by ElyLon on August 16th, 2010 at 7:34 PM.

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