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A little story of kindness…

September 2, 2010

Me: Hey webmaster, do you think I should start using my tele lens?

Webmaster: Mh, dunno…

Me: Nah… we are in a hurry and. Hey! Wait, let’s sit here.

Webmaster: What did you see?… The little girl on the other side of the pool?

Me: Yeah, but by the time I change lens she might decide to stop playing. I won’t use the tele lens, let’s what can I get… isn’t the reflection on the water amazing?

Webmaster: Yeah.

Few seconds later the little girl “lost” her ball and it started floating on the water moving toward the centre of the pool.
She wanted to “catch it” but she couldn’t and stood at the edge with the sweetest worried expression I had ever seen.
Her brother (I think they were sibiling) got close to help her catching the ball, but the wind made it “run” toward another side of the pool… they runned as well along the edge of the pool.
The ball reache the point where 2 women were sitting and one of them took the ball and gave it back to the girl who went back playing with the ball, away from the pool.

That’s just one of those little nice good stories you can “see” at the Meeting of Rimini.

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