People at the Meeting of Rimini: a wife and a friend

A friend of mine.

Her husband, in the moment I was taking this picture, was taking part to the presentation of one of the exhibition at the Meeting in Rimini (“Flannery O’Connor: The Infinite Measure of Limitation”). I think he cured that exhibition too.

I didn’t got to listen to this talk with the intetion of taking pictures, I was just being curious.

Having the chance to sit in those halls during an event like that is pretty difficult, therefore I was really surprised to discover that I happen to be sitting only a few row behind my friend. This unplanned “favored” position gave me the chance to observe my friend without disturbing her. I could see a silent and nice expression of love of a wife for her husband. I think she was being pretty pride of him, since she shot a lot of pictures (as well as I’d have done if there was my boyfriend talking there).

But something amazed me more: the silent and kind way she did everything.
I was surprised that she didn’t even get up in order to take pictures from another angle; even if she might have disturbed for a few seconds people sitting behind her, I think she had the right of doing it, but, she simply didn’t.

She just took those pictures in that simple and kind way, and that’s probably the reason why it was a really tender and amazing “event in the event”.

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