Am I hungry?

At times a friend’s request can be pretty useful .
A friend of mine asked me if I could send him 15-20 pictures taken at the Meeting of Rimini so that he could show them to some pre-teen kids he follows… I had gave up cleaning up those pictures because I’m kinda busy and upset in this period (what a news!) and I said to myself “Well, there I’ve taken enough pictures for a whole year, I have to study now”.

Now Meeting in Rimini gallery is almost already… and I thought that few minutes before dinner, and after several days of darkness on my site a messy, colorful picture could be a prefect restart for posting.

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Posted in 2010 - "That nature that pushes us to desire great things is the heart" and Meeting of Rimini and People by ElyLon on October 1st, 2010 at 8:27 PM.

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