Art and Faith

In the meeting of Rimini was showed this Crucifixion, this Jesus head.

It has apparently nothing of special, unless you know the story of it.

The Crucifixion had been completed by Lando di Pietro a Sienese artisan, but his work had been split during a bombing of Siena in 1944. In the splitted had been found two inscription on a parchement, the artist Land had placed these inside the of Jesus.

“The Lord God made it possible for Lando di Pietro  of Sienato carve this crucifix in this wood in the similitude of the real Jesus to remind people of the passion of Jesus Christ Son of God, and of the Virgin Mary, therefore you ture and holy cross of Jesus Christ Son of God, render the said Lando to God”.

The prayer asks the Virgin, Saint John the Evangelist, Saint John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, and all the saints, “men and women”, to recomend Lando to God. He completes his prayer with the statement: “The year of our Lord January 1337 [n.s. 1338] this figure was completed in the similitude of Jesus Christ crucified Son of God living and true. And it is He one must adore and not this wood“.

The second inscription, says also: “Jesus Christ through your mercy let the soul of Lando di Pietro, who made this crucifix, be recommended“.

I think that’s the great aspect of being an artist and believing in God, your art isn’t just the “need to express yourself”, it goes Far Beyond.

[Information for this post taken at the Meeting in Rimini and here]

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