What am I supposed to do if…

I get angry and I can’t throw punches (with the wii) or prepare cookies, but I want to relax because I am too nervous to focus on my studies?

(Or, just if I’m lazy ;D)

Create a personal version of an old “joke” known among physicists, or people crazy enough to know a bit what Quantum Physicists can (virtually) do to a poor little kitty! 😀

Some people might say that the nobel prize isn’t such a great reward nowadays, but that’s not the point of this image! 😉

Yep, the picture is an old shot of “Java the cat” (whose name tell a lot about what kind of people I know) and she’s inside a drawer. [No violence made on the kitty to take this shot]

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Posted in Animals and Cats and Experiments and PhotoNmessage by ElyLon on October 16th, 2010 at 4:30 PM.

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