Glad for today presents, but a little disappointed by my work

In the morning I went to the university, listened to a 2 hours long lectures, got back home to have lunch.

In the afertnoon I and the webmaster have been to Merins’s home to take pictures the various Christmas cribs she places all around her house at Christmas time (and kept out for me to take pictures)…
Actually it is since Christmas 2008 that she tried to invite me to take these.

I’m a little disappointed of the poor work I did in some pictures, even in the one I’m showing here too…

but I hope that tomorrow I can get a few good shots to give to Merins, and learn how to get a better result the next time I try taking pictures like these…

At the moment there is one sure good thing: Merins is giving me a lot of challenging tasks, despite I’m sure Merins doesn’t want to test my skills in photography, I have to double thank her for her “pictures request” 🙂

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Posted in Still life by ElyLon on January 14th, 2011 at 11:51 PM.

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