I couldn’t sleep…

I know, most of you won’t care about the following words (:P) therefore, if you want to just know where I took this picture, just click on the link in the last lines of this post

A cramp at 6pm today turned my leg into a “painful appendix” of my body.
This kind of cramps already happened, I know the possible causes and I’m sure pain will be gone in a day or two.
It’s nothing of terrible but it’s really annoying since even lying in bed isn’t comfortable.

In the evening I was aware that this leg wouldn’t let me sleep, indeed at 2.30 am I was still awake in bed.
Being still awake made me so nervous that I focused all my thoughts on my pain, and as you can understand, it isn’t a good thing.I needed a solution.
Reading a book?
Didn’t work.
Listening to music?
Italians say “idem with potatoes”
(And this makes me thinking if Italians thinks about food and cooking every moments of their life).

While I was trying to figure out what to do, it came to my mind that there was an unpublished (and unedited) picture I had taken at the Meeting of Rimini 2010.
(It’s not a totally crazy thought, in these days I had serveral reasons to think about the Meeting of Rimini, about photography and a bunch of thing that can be realted to this picture…).

Then, I decided that sitting wouldn’t have been worse than lying, therefore I got up, sit on my chair and looked for that picture in my back up HD and, as you can see from this post, here it is.

I can’t recall, at the moment, what exactly is. I’m sure it was part of the exhibition about Stephen of Hungary. I remember that taking it hadn’t been easy, but I’m sure that while taking this pictures I realized something that might happen next August.

Pain is still bothering me, but now it feels much more tolerable.
I let you figure out the reason.

Therefore, I’m going back to bed in the hope to get some rest.

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Posted in 2010 - "That nature that pushes us to desire great things is the heart" by ElyLon on January 29th, 2011 at 3:20 AM.

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