Spring comes slowly

In the Italian version of this post I borrowed Rondoni’s words to express what I thought while and after I have taken this picture.

This Italian author express a really interesting concept in the few lines I found on the Italian version of Traces journal, but I don’t feel good enough in English to translate someone’s words from Italian to English language.
Therefore, for the first time since I have opened this blog, I have to write 2 different posts… In the English version of the post I want to just report the “meaning” of the few words of this author writing that made me thinking about the picture I had taken on Sunday under a light rain.
Those lines helped me saying what this simple picture meant to me: the idea that Spring comes slowly, with little changes of colors and air. This “slow motion” that you can see a feel in these weeks has always fascinated me, but I have never been able to express this through words…till today I was able only to take pictures of this idea.

I hope Rondoni won’t mind I had used his words this way. ^_^

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Posted in Flowers by ElyLon on March 23rd, 2011 at 2:29 AM.


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    Mamma mia! Così come la grazia di ogni mattina. In silenzio e in punta di piedi.
    Mamma mia! Just as the grace every morning. In silence, on tiptoe.

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    Is it your or a kind of poetry? 😉

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