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Who is about to leave?

October 24, 2011

Maybe both, or probably one of the two has just arrived

They sunbathe.
In October.
In Sicily
The sun is still warming the air quite well, you can stil use just a t-shirt.
It’s the 17th of October, the warm outside is lovely.
Only the cold wind you feel in shadowy places reminds you that winter is coming.

You keep on looking at that notice of a change.

You would avoid looking at it, but your eyes are staring.
You wonder if you sight is a little gloomy for something you hoped and didn’t happen,
or if it’s a little sad for something that you were scared of and happened.

While you are looking, a little voice breaks in your mind with a little laugh:
“Look at the way his hand is placed on the luggage”.

Everything change

Yep, his hand is not just resting,
looks like a lock,
for keeping under control the luggage.

A watchful rest,
a rest in a pubblic park.
You think “That’s exactly what I would do in the same situation…”

…and you smile.

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