Not the best result, as always.

It could have get much more, in theory.
But I am not good enough.

I wonder
Am I not properly wired for these studies?
Or I am just not enough for everything running on this earth?.

Family and Friends keep on saying “the important is to go ahead”…
and I keep asking “to where?”
and they keep silent

I am sorry to cause sadness


I go out.
It is soon after the exam.
It’s cold.

They are there, as always, jumping and twittering around.
I could see 4 of them while I am walking toward the car parking
3 of them fly away 1 stays:

He/she allows me to get unusually close.

I turn around: there are students in a class following a lecture…
While I am wondering if what I was doing could be of any disturb I realized that:
Considering similar circumstances
for the first time
I was EXACTLY where I would have loved to be for years (since September 2006).

It’s not the answer I am looking for, but it’s much better than mere silence.

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Posted in Animals and Birds by ElyLon on December 19th, 2011 at 2:48 PM.

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