“Experiment” is a word that is often said by people around me.
I have grown up in a scientific environment
I had decided to study science
I am probably going to live the rest of my life in a scientific environment, indeed, the lack of money given to university in Sicily is going to change my life in 2 days.
This word is such a big part of my life that I often use it to describe what I do with photography… no, no, I don’t say “experiment” to sound like a smart-scientific-artist… it’s what I actually do since I have not the patience and probably the humility to open books or follow photography courses…
to be 100% precise I have to say that at first I looked at others’ works a lot (I still take inspiration by them),
that with time you get experience (a lot to do yet)
and the both last things help a lot to know what can you do with the camera and, therefore, to know toward which direction you can move with your experiments (like for a scientist that has to know how his instrument works).
But that’s what I essentially do: take the camera and see what I get and in some days i focus on specific “experiments”.
This is the long exposure time.
This is the first shot I am sharing that I took with a double polarize (tomorrow is the second).
This is the first shot on which I have started to work on, but that I decide to leave at the point I left it before dinner. It’s an incomplete work that tells to where stuck the conversation between me and the webmaster about this “new” method of taking pictures.
I don’t think I’m the first doing what I am doing, but i am sure that I have never read (so far) of people doing what I am doing and that I had this idea while talking with my webmaster in front of the sea in the late morning of October 31st.
Today I was still talking with him in front of this picture, while I was working on this picture… then we left for dinner… and I know that we won’t talk this close for a longer time from now.
I wanted to freeze things as they are.
I have other pictures to work on… and I will take more. For today, for another whole day spent with him I want to remember this.
Our chat in front of my works, or while I was taking picture that are just a mere mixture of topics.


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Posted in Double Polarizing Filter (DPF) and Experiments and Long Exposure and Sea by ElyLon on January 7th, 2012 at 11:24 PM.

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