Cleaning Up or Mental Disorder?

A: Post-it to remember that below I’m working on the external HD folders
1: 100GB folder to clean up on external HD
2: A subfolder of the “Pictures” Folder on the external HD
B: Post-it to remember that below  I’m working on the iMac folders
3: 100GB folder to clean up that has been copied on the external HD in order to be 100% sure to loose no files
4: A subfolder of the “Pictures” Folder on the iMac
5: Skype, to chat with the webmaster that has been “kidnapped” italian yankees and to chat with any eventual friend/relative that wants to say hi
6: space where I place the window that shows the download status of something from the green area to the red area
7: music to modulate my yells in front of this big mess
I have to hurry up to clean up things in the green area and step by step reproduce what I did in the red area and, then, GO TO STUDY.
Why not studying first?
The iMac yesterday had only 6 free GB, today is at 15… of 500.

A little prayer is welcome… 0.0

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Posted in Various by ElyLon on January 10th, 2012 at 2:17 PM.

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