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I am bothering your soul with this exhibition story, ahahah I’m sorry but it’s something that it’s worth

Anyway this time it is just a reason to show a couple of pictures

The “ceiling” of the high altar (I can’t remember which is the actual name of that architectonic part of a Church)

A painting on the right wall of the Church (looking toward the high altar).
Tomorrow I’ll see if someone can tell me something more.

As you probably figured out the exhibition setting is the San Placido Church that can be found in San Placido Square in Catania.
According to the information found on the web it was first built in the early XV century.
A great quake in the late XVII century destroyed most of Catania structures and this Church was among the destroyed buildings, but in the early XVIII century they built it back.
I won’t go further for the moment because at the moment I really don’t have “reliable” sources to say more about this church.

Anyway, it is worth visiting. You don’t need to have studied art and history to appreciate its beauty.

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  1. Lamberto Pescatori Mar 16th 2012

    Bravissima! Sei brava e ti diverti, Che vuoi di più?

  2. avatar

    Intanto, mille grazie.
    Cosa voglio di più?
    Laurearmi e trovare un lavoro che mi piace che sia abbastanza solido. Non dico un posto superfisso ma q.b. per potermi “maritare” e vivere decentemente con le mie forze sì 🙂

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