From the same spot

EtnaGrowth - December 2011-January 2014

There are at least 3 spots from where I often take pictures

With spots I litteraly mean a very small area (not bigger than 10-20 square meters)

One of this spot is placed in a town nearby Catania.
This little spot offers a view on Mt. Etna that is free from buildings and other “disturbing” elements

As you know the 8th of January I went there with the webmaster.
Only a few days later I realized that we went there exactly 2 years after he left for the first time to go to work in north Italy

Therefore I decided to look for the picture taken 2 years earlier and…and yes, it is different!
Mt. Etna has changed since then

Now wonder, our volcano had been pretty active in the last years, especially what (I think) experts call the new south-east crater.
Even if I took my pictures following no scientific method, you can get an idea of the growth looking at the growing tip on the left of the date of each picture.

So if you happen to hear (or read) me speaking of a mountain as a living thing, you might  understand why from above image

As well as if you happen to wonder why I’m so obsessed by Mt. Etna…
call me lazy but “she” is like an age-less model, changing clothing during the year and the day all depending on weather and lights.

At the end, the whole world is like an immense studio.

It is up to us to find what we are looking for

(It was fun at creating this images sequence, in the next weeks I’ll try to collect mt.Etna pictures taken with my bridge camera to display changes as seen from another point of view, even if I don’t think result will change this much)

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    Fabulous work – somewhere between science, documentary and art.

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    Thank you!
    And super thank you for showing me which are reference points!

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