The cover, finally printed

deadANDalive cover - pic taken with smartphone

4 years ago

I created the cover you can see above

I created it to recover after an awful day, “stealing” the idea from a joke found on the web

4 years ago I had the ability to have big hopes and dreams (now it got worse)
I thought that in a few months I was going to use that cover when starting to deal with Relativity and Quantum Mechanics notes

Well… 48 months is not that much later.

For a second, yesterday, I was about to ignore the cover because it is humiliating to realize (once again) that speaking in studies terms, in 4 years I have done what I had to accomplish in maximum 1 year.

Then I thought: “Well? After all this I still let frustration overcome me?”

I guess I’m old and crazy enough to be free to enjoy, at least, a work of mine and cheer up my soul before each battle with papers

and I always wanted to bring some colors to those black and white notes.

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Posted in Graphic works by ElyLon on May 16th, 2014 at 9:31 PM.

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