21st: Willy Bit discovers castle ruins and…

Willy Bit has visited several places, a few days ago he visited (sand) castle ruins
but he soon discovered he was not alone…

21st: Willy Bit visits castle ruins

Willy: Hey, you have been following me since I were in the forest, who are you?
Lady: I’m a forest inhabitant, I heard about your stories and decided to see…
Willy: following me?
Lady: Yes.
Willy: Why me? Why didn’t you choose your path and followed it?
Lady: Well…who knows if this is the wrong path. Have you ever wanted to share what you see with someone?
Willy:Well… yes..but..
Lady: But what?
Willy: Nothing.

Willy: Ok, let’s explore together, but what’s your name?
Lady: Why don’t you guess?

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Posted in WillyBit by ElyLon on September 6th, 2014 at 11:28 PM.

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