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Beauty pinch?



Beauty pinch - 20th April 2015

Posted April 21st, 2015.

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The endless calendars odyssey

All started in late 2007, when I decided I wanted to try to create calendars with my own pictures

Now I can say: it’s definitely an evolving activity.

I started to create the calendar for just me, mother and the webmaster.
I’ll never forget it took me some days to aligns the days the very first time.
Yes, because till that day I didn’t even tried to draw a line with a graphic program, so i just opened it and tried tools (I admit, not an healthy thing to do)

Step by step everything changed, not sure if evolved in a good way, but definitely every year there was something new or improved, or I discovered tricks to make the work easier.

This year I have started to create the 2014 calendars in late August

I want to take my time to think, to make correction and above all to have things ready by early December.
I wanted to give time to friends or just random customer, time to decide which calendars they want, which changes and when getting it.

In the last weeks
– I have changed the months layout with the hope that in the printed version everything is clearly visible.
-I have created 1 or 2 calendars and I have started to update the last year ones I want to keep.

Well, during this process started a little argument with the webmaster, he, as many other said “I cannot easily find months sequence”.

I got furious for the situation.

I kept thinking (and saying)

You are people that can understand advanced maths/physics and philosophy and you get confused with the order of 12 months?
Plus, I felt “betrayed” because he was complaining of exactly the same calendar last year he, and others, considered fine.

So I decided I wanted to quit, I was about to delete all the calendars from my computer and quit with this “waste of time”.

At the end I hadn’t the courage to delete the folder, but surely, I stopped working on calendars and pictures.

It was an nth-failure and I had no will to react this time.
It’s easier to quit, no?

Then on Sunday we went to take pictures.
Actually I didn’t even want to go to take pictures, but I kept silent because if I say “i don’t want to take picture” people around me get worried.
– I rarely go out
-it is rare the webmaster suggest to go somewhere
– weather was surprisingly nice

So I went with my typical approach of “Hey Boss, I am sure I’ll get nothing, prove me wrong!”.

Of course, I harvested several photographic-fruits


SomeOne is probably still laughing. Laughing out loud.

On Monday, the webmaster, made me change mind about taking part on a photographic contest.

I said the true “There is almost no chance I win” and he said “C’mon, not taking part is the best way to lose”.

So I provoked him “I hadn’t chosen pictures to send, and time is almost over”.

He proposed to help and we spent a good two hours trying to figure out what to send… and here I am, taking part on this contest.

Still thinking I won’t win but absolutely surprised the webmaster took everything this seriously.

So… well… ok… let’s be humble and try to solve the months order

I finally re-opened a calendar file and in 2 minutes I got this

Calender 2014: Blue Butterfly

last year version


looked like this

Calendar 2013: blue butterfly

I’m not saying it’s perfect but I hope it’s better.

Funny is that as soon as I thought “let’s drown wind waves with months”, everything almost took form alone.

Well, now I’m curious what will happen in a few years.

Let’s get back to work (and studies)

Posted October 3rd, 2013.

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Alcantara: butterfly

Today i was thinking that it’s funny how I often find at least a butterfly wherever I go.

Ignoring natural parks, both in Rimini and NYC I ended up taking pictures of at least a butterfly, without even looking for butterflies

It’s nice.

Alcantara 2013: butterfly

This one, kept opening and closing its wings so quickly that it had been hard to catch it

I kept taking pictures because the Webmaster expressed the desire to catch it with opened wings

I’m not 100% happy of this shot but I think it might worth something

Posted August 19th, 2013.

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July, the busy month

Mom’s birthday

Parents’ anniversary

uncountable amount of amazing friends born in July.

At least an exam to pass.

Webmaster getting back to Sicily (since Easter)

So many amazing or difficult things to remember and to do

Surprise butterfly - summer 2013

I do love all this.

It’s life going ahead in a way or another, and this way is sweet

well, exam tension apart


Posted July 12th, 2013.

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Beauty conspiracy?

Butterfly on balcony - 30th June 2013

On Sunday again

I was being lazy on the sofa, soon after lunch, when I saw this butterfly fly around and stay on those flowers on my balcony…

first time I’ve ever seen such a big butterfly on my balcony.

Posted July 3rd, 2013.

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NYC Jan 2013: like children

One of the sweetest memories?

People of any age (from 2-3 to over 70 yo) being happy each time a butterfly landed somewhere on them and how people around were happy for the “lucky guy”.

 I hope the nice lady who allowed me to take this picture won’t mind I am going to publish it

Lady and Butterfly NYC Jan 2013

I loved how she was happy of the fact a butterfly landed on her finger.
She had been extremely kind with me allowing me to even take this shot.
I loved how she did her best to take the picture with just one hand (the dark rectangle in the upper left corner of the image is her camera).
One thing is sure, after that awful night spent throwing up my soul, coughing and fighting against high fever,
what I needed was exactly those moments spent in that warm room surrounded by colorful butterflies and nice people enjoying these creatures beauty.Like an USA winter version of my spring day of 7years ago spent at my country house.The funny thing is that I had no idea I was going to see all this until I entered the room.

Posted April 14th, 2013.

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Taking pictures, sometimes it’s a “dirty” job

Today, a couple of friends from USA have made me recalling one of the happiest moments in my life.

The afternoon of Sunday 23rd April 2006.
I was at my senior year in high school.
I spent a good part of that afternoon taking pictures to butterflies in the backyard of family country house.

I had bought (for my 18th birthday) my first DSLR (Olympus E300) 11 months earlier but I was a student with very few (no) friends and I rarely was able to find time to leave home to take pictures.
As a consequence that afternoon  was one of those rare occasions during which I was able to play with my camera.

I still have a clear image (in my mind) of my uncle walking toward to where I was,
and I still remember my yell “stand back or butterflies will fly away”.
Butterfly don’t mind if you yell, but they fly away if you get too close too quickly.

I can’t remember if uncle came closer or just waited for me at home.
but I remember quite well how we enjoyed looking at the pictures I have taken.

I don’t know the reason, but he stopped at this picture.

2006 - Stella

He said “we should name it “Stella”…”.
I have no idea of why he said it. He wasn’t exactly the sweetest man on the earth.
It didn’t matter, I added the word Stella (Star) to that picture file name.
I knew, even if I didn’t know why, it was something I wanted to remember.
He would have died few months later and, trust me, I had no idea (on that day in April 2006) of what was going to happen in the following months.


That day, for a few hours

I have been sitting on dry rabbit excrement but I was happy.

Behind me: Catania and its gulf
In front of me: Mt. Etna
Family at my side
Butterflies one step away from me

Butterfly 2006

one trusted me enough to rest for a while on my hand
a simple joy I have re-discovered only 7 years later in NYC

2006 - trusting human

That was Home.

Posted April 13th, 2013.

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NYC Jan 2013: Butterfly Conservatory #8

NYC Jan 2013: Butterfly Conservatory #8

Posted March 21st, 2013.

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NYC Jan 2013: Butterfly Conservatory #6

NYC Jan 2013: Butterfly Conservatory #6

Posted March 9th, 2013.

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NYC Jan 2013: Butterfly Conservatory #7

NYC Jan 2013: Butterfly Conservatory #7

Posted March 8th, 2013.

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NYC Jan 2013: Butterfly Conservatory #5

NYC Jan 2013: Butterfly Conservatory #5

Beauty shows up

but to get close enough to it

you have to accept to be patient

to act differently from how you would act

or others wants you to act.

It requires time and effort.

It is hard and difficult.

but it is worth.

(another story is being able to tell others what you’ve seen/understood)

Posted March 1st, 2013.

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