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News from caterpillar’s world

Someone asked me to write updates about the little guy I found a few weeks ago on my balcony.

The first update I must write is that the free climber had been joined by another little guy, I think of the same kind.
This second little guy is a kind of unwise gentleman (or gentlecaterpillar?), differently from the free climber it decided that it was worth trying to get inside the building from the main door.
This means that a week ago I found it in the hall running (they do run!) toward the stairs.
I cannot avoid appreciating the well mannered little guy, but it’s still pretty unwise to get INSIDE the building where (also) live people that think that what kills the plants in the building isn’t isn’t the lack of water, they think that these little guy are the plants killers…

The second news is that the webmaster bought a old little fish tank he had. We gave them a bigger house.

One of the 2 guys, dunno if it’s the free climber or the unwise gentlecaterpillar spends most of its day trying to climb the smooth walls of their new house…

The other one, probably a little wiser, thought well to start its metamorphosis to become a butterfly/moth:

At least, I think this is a cocoon.

Isn’t this cool?! 🙂

Posted May 16th, 2010.

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Building climber for a living

I know, it may sound a torture to put an animal in such a “prison”, but when i saw it my first thoughts had been:

– taking pictures of it (this task doesn’t need the jar)

– making it unable going back down to the building parking area (that requires a jar).

I don’t want it going down to the car park area because in this period of the year many of these caterpillars die there crushed by cars tires or “something else”(human feet).

I wanted to observe is metamorphosis too, but I might give up the idea in order to avoid killing it.

I think I figured out what kind animal is and tomorrow it will be brought to the country house, where I’m sure to find the plants it needs.

Now I’m just hoping it will survive till tomorrow…

Posted May 1st, 2010.

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