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Trip to Pantalica: Wasted occasion?

A few days ago David, a photographer friend of mine, wrote on twitter this sentence

“We perceive the meaning of things before we understand why they are meaningful. Shoot with your gut.”

A concept that , soon or later, you understand if you take pictures for long enough and with enough attention at what you are doing.
A concept that even if it’s not new for me, each time I have to deal with it is extremely surprising.
I have to admit it: at times it’s an extremely irritating situation too…I don’t know if the physicists side of my soul, or just my nature that wants to control everything,
but this need to shoot with the gut: taste of freedom as well as of acceptance of mystery.

BTW, the important thing is that this concept is extremely true.
You don’t always always take pictures with your gut, but… it happens, and quite often.
It happens even  in relatively quiet situations.

And pretending that I believe in coincidence… The day my friend wrote that sentence I had to deal with with some pictures that can be defined as “taken with the gut” but that are a complete mess.

I took these pictures when I was about to leave the area where I had ate lunch. While walking I have noticed these dark dragonflies on that piece of wood, and I thought that was a fascinating frame!

I have taken some pictures but didn’t like any of the result.
I couldn’t accept I wasn’t able to put on a frame what I have “seen” by instinct, therefore I thought it was due to wrong camera settings…

Only at home I realized the mess I did

I guess it’s clear that here you can see a a cropped image. I tired to save something from this picture…
It might have not been a worthy shot, but probably noticing the light reflections game would have made me bending on my knees and zooming with the camera that required bit to make a better use of this occasion.

I don’t consider this a completely lost picture because my presence there made some passerby notice that slice of Beauty they otherwise would have lost. Plus it is a challenge for me to improve the equilibrium gut-brain I need for my pictures

Pay attention, I don’t think that gut is cause of wasted pictures, I have several shots taken with the gut that “won” a lot of things, from money in contest to smile of people I love.

I just think that this time gut worked well but all went mistaken, and I think it is rather “funny” that someone I’ve never met wrote that line the same day I had to think, once again, of this aspect of “taking pictures”.

Posted September 3rd, 2012.

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Trip to Pantalica: the one with the evening dress

Posted September 2nd, 2012.


Trip to Pantalica: the striped one

This is one was rather uncommon (or hidden)

Hang in there, dragonflies pictures will finish in a couple of posts 😉

Posted August 31st, 2012.

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Trip to Pantalica: the blue ones

The blue dragonflies territory

 was closer

  to my position,

indeed I got several shots

of this kind

of dragonflies

… maybe too many pictures

Posted August 30th, 2012.

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Trip to Pantalica: the skipped red one

I was about to post pictures of blue dragonflies when I noticed this picture that I had ignored…

I am not sure I can say why I skipped it… probably it is not close enough and not as detailed as the other pictures of red dragonflies

BTW, tonight I think it is worth posting

Posted August 28th, 2012.

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Trip to Pantalica: the red ones

The place where we had lunch was full of dragonflies of different colors

I wonder if  different color means different kind…I don’t know.

the red ones where among the most shy dragonflies of the group

they didn’t let me get close enough to get the shot I was looking for

but I can’t complain


Posted August 27th, 2012.

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Trip to Pantalica: Look there!

Guess who is about to get closer to show up?

Posted August 26th, 2012.

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Overcoming (little) pain

I have just created a new gallery: “Animals” —> “DRAGONFLIES” . At the moment there are only 4 pictures, I wish you’ll enjoy them anyway.
Below I want to share with you a little “note” I wrote on 18th November 2008:

Problems, pains and a lot of things can make life so awful that it seems almost no worth to live… but we have to go ahead and with time we learn that we have to deal with this negative aspects and most of the times we cannot overcome problems without the proper support.
This support can come from friends or relatives or “something else” that everyone reaches walking along his/her own way… one of these ways, in my case, is photography.

Taking pictures, in my case, is not only a way to appreciate that world beauty I wouldn’t notice otherwise, it’s also trough this “hobby” I can find a way to stand little problems alike pain, that famous “leg pain” that bothers me since I was 15 years old. It isn’t a big deal but it can be really annoying because sometimes I am slowed down by pain and it makes me complain a lot (Well… I am also really good at complain).
How can taking picture be a way to accept pain?
JUST… I have noticed that if I have to suffer “leg pain” started with no reasons seems like the biggest problem in my life, whereas, it is much easier to overcome if I decide to try to ignore it in order to take a picture! (Not always, but most of the time it works this way).

In the same way, I usually don’t complain if I start feeling pain because I had to adopt weird stances to shot pictures. I behave this way not because I have a “bad conscience” (I usually mock myself to have been clumsy) but because I have learn that this is a little price I have to pay for having the chance to “pin” in a picture a small but amazing part of that Eternal Beauty that created everything that surround us.
Looks like that the passion for photography and the conscience that trough it I can appreciate at least part of that Beauty, can work as a perfect painkiller! 😉

reddragonfly1To take this pictures I squatted down in front of this dragonfly for several minutes, my legs didn’t enjoy it, but I hope it was worth.

Posted May 4th, 2009.

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