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Men, the eternal little boys

They love to act as they were knights  (ok this is, sometimes, a good thing)
they often want to prove they have a mighty body/mind and so on…

fortunately they are also able of endless cuteness
(or maybe it’s their secret weapon?
😎 )

I asked to The Webmaster to choose topic and picture for his 2015 calendar.
He said “I want something that speak about summer in SICILY while I am in the land of winter, so yes, something about the sea in summer time, definitely I want that picture of the fish and the sole fish”

After a few days I asked something else about the calendar and he, with an expression you imagine possible only on the face of a 5yo, kept saying: “I want that picture of the fish…”
Yeah… I understand you love that shot, but you also said you want more than one picture in the calendar…

Ok, now I try posting the “famous” picture of the fish and the sole

The fish and the sole - 2nd September 2014 (taken with Olympus TG3)

maybe it works to get extra information


Sorry to any eventual angry woman who ended up here,
I tease “my” man but hardly hate is a good answer, especially in this scenario

Posted October 2nd, 2014.

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