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It is just…

It’s just wind, but it feels like breath

it’s just the sound made by the surrounding vegetation moved by the wind, but it sounds like a whisper coming from far away.

It’s just an hare or a rabbit,
but who said it can’t be enough?

Little friend, I have waited for you so long that I gave up waiting…


You came and you showed up for long enough that I could have killed you if I had a gun… you didn’t even noticed that I was getting closer.

Don’t worry, I would never intentionally hurt you, I shut only pictures to admire your beauty.

The beauty of the light falling on you and passing through your ears, I didn’t know they were so thin

You remind me of the One that created me and you,

No, not by your physical aspect, but you remind me of Him because you appeared exactly when I was thinking

“I’ve seen everything could have been seen today and it wasn’t that much”.

You showed up exactly when I needed it more.

I know, you are scared of me and those other human being making such a big noise and disturbing your world, but don’t worry you can get back to your life soon.

See? Few seconds after you are already back at your running all around showing you little white puffy tail.

Keep on living little one.

I got the message,

it might be just a coincidence, but thanks anyway


Posted May 27th, 2011.


Original Escape

This afternoon I wanted to stay far from the city noises, so I went to study at my country house… but I had problems to sleep at night so I fell asleep after lunch…

After I don’t know how much time my boyfriend woke me up saying “there are 2 hares in the backyard!”. I thought he was kidding in order to help me to get up despite the little pain I had…

So I just looked out the window and…

From the Bed

…he wasn’t kidding at all!

I asked him to give me the camera and I took a first picture (see above).

Than M1L helped me to get down the bunk, and I went to the backyard to try to take a closer picture of those animals, as always when they heard my steps they moved a little farther. I got closer again and, as always, they run away… but, this time one of the two run in the opposite direction so it actually stopped closer than it was before, and I took this picture:

Original escape

I still wonder why that animal, in the attempt to escape from me, run toward me… it must be brave (or stupid?), or… a really “vain” guy! 🙂

At the end, why should I care? I didn’t want to hurt it and I got my picture… thanks to this “creative fugitive” 🙂

Probably it isn’t a “GREAT” shot, but since I got my SRL (4yrs ago) I wished I could take a picture of those little guys running all around me, and showing up only when I hadn’t the camera ready! 🙂

P.S. I am not sure it’s an hare… I am just guessing.

Posted June 15th, 2009.


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