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An insect death

I have often heard and read that, true photographers or pretending-to-be-photographer, think that photography MUST ask questions, not answer to them.

“Never an answer?”
“… ok…”

I am not a rebel person, but I have tried to say that I’m not this sure that things work this way… all I have gained so far has been only
– being defined as an idiot/arrogant
-the more diplomatic “everyone thinks whatever he/she wants”.

Stupid me looking for answers from people who thinks that we must look for only questions…
I should try asking them “why looking for questions?”…would be funny to see them answering and actually find an answer through photography. Right or wrong but still an answer

Sincerely, there isn’t such a rigid regulation in science, and you want to make me believe that there MUST be such  a systematic approach to art?!?
It might be… but…with no offense…
for me it’s easier to believe that tomorrow I’ll meet just 1 big Higgs boson walking along the street greeting me with an huge, and of course attractive, hug.

C’mon. Can I believe that I’m the only one noticing that
Photography, as well as science and any other human activity can

– put questions

– answer questions

–  find the path for the answer

-find the path for new questions

– just show questions

– just show answers

–  be a way to tell a story, and it’s up to the storyteller and the listener to decide if that story is cathartic or not

–  do all of these things at the same time

–  or do just some of these things at the same time

-anything else I didn’t discover yet

Or… taking pictures, can also be just a way to tell a meaningless story as the death of an insect somewhere in Catania

Who would care of the death of a bee (or whatever it is) in Catania?

Every great mind would just  ignore the sharp noise its body made when literally falling on the balcony.

No, no serious person would spend precious questioning-time observing its last step in search of a place… covering a distance that could be the equivalent of hundreds of meters for an human being.

No one would felt surprised to be feeling sorry at the sight of that little insect (of the kind he/she fears!), fighting for at least 3 or 5 endless minutes to just get on its legs each time it fell on its back

No one who is a serious seeker of true questions would observe  the slowing down motion of its legs for those last seconds before death would completely freeze it

No, no one who is a serious student would leave papers to get closer to the dead animal.

Who would care of  such a spot of nothingness?

No one would and no one seriously should.


It just felt strange to realize to be the only witness of a zero importance event and to realize how “funny” all this was.
Not the death of the insect,  but how human being could learn more  by just observing.

Wouldn’t it be much better if people let reality hit them with both questions and answers?

A meaning less event that lead to no-real-questions can be a nice reason to think about people, and how some of them are sadly funny…and probably I’m among them.

 No worries, everything is where it has to be.

Dead bee included.

But… just try to imagine how much can come from an honest look at the rest of reality.

Posted October 4th, 2012.

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Inside the rose

My new FB cover shows one of those reality “pixels” that

sometimes catch my soul and make me imagining what is probably one of the most common thought: “what if I could decide to become small enough to…”

Today “thinking” have been interrupted by something that is really small enough to…
I think it was an ant who has been kind enough to “pose” for the picture…

Posted April 29th, 2012.

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“Don’t give up” ( ? )

When I woke up yesterday morning the sky was “cloud free”, but an hour later it was filled with clouds… I didn’t care and I decided to go out as planned.
I went with the webmaster to my country house, hoping for finding some butterflies but there were no butterflies and clouds hided the sun for most of the time.
I was getting ready to go away, upset because I had taken no pictures, and there was a curious green animal on my stuff…

If I thought this situation might have a meaning, I would think it can means something like: “Don’t give up!”.
If …

Posted June 3rd, 2010.

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Miss photography defeats little fears too…

Mosquitoes are annoying, but not scary — well, a huge group of them would scare me a bit, but fortunately I have never encountered one.

Cockroaches look a little “disgusting” to me, but I have learned to kill them (…at least when it is necessary…)

Spiders… I cannot stand them. I tend to kill them, but each time I try it, comes up to my mind how M1L (my boyfriend) that always tries to save them and blames me for being such a “killer”.
Trust me, I do my best to avoid to put them out of my bedroom *without* killing them… but usually I fail. Sorry!

But I have been close enough to a spider to take this…

Bees and their “relatives” scare me a lot! If I see one of them close to me I always wish to run away yelling out complains about the bee being there!

But I “control” myself, I just run away as fast as possible! ;D

But…today I was close enough to this…

The last 2 Sundays these little guys, seeking for food in my country house back yard, can have no peace!

Yeah, I overcame a lot of little fears thanks to my little baby (the camera)!

As you can see, my love, I never get tired to take pictures for ours, I don’t feel pain, unless I get really hurt!
Yeah, you know that, later, all the pain comes and I feel bad, really bad… but while I am taking picture I tend to feel only good things.

Even if I complain, at time, because I cannot find the subject for my pictures, but I generally feel good.

And, if there is you too, staying beside me, helping me, talking to me, smiling while you say “Here you are with the “researcher” gaze!”… well, it’s like a slice of Heaven on Earth, for me.

Can you remember my smile when I listen to Louis Armstong songs? Do you remember how he smiled while he was singing them?

That’s love!…not the physical one, of course.

And you know it, because even if it can be pretty boring staying beside me while I am taking picture… you are always there smiling at me (I got photographic proof!) and willing to be helpful for me.

P.s. Thanks to Chris for the help with the post! 😉

Posted May 17th, 2009.


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