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Beauty can be found everywhere

From Monday afternoon to Thursday evening I have been here.

A great experience, as always if you are “lucky enough” to go there.

There happened a lot of things, but, the first amazing one happened while I was reaching my Hotel in Rimini:


This little butterfly was flying all around us, stop on this rusted railing, or whatever it is, and stopped just for the time of 3 shots.

Some friends said that it was a pity that it was on a rusted object, I don’t think so… or we couldn’t say that Beauty can be found everywhere.

Posted August 29th, 2009.


Catania and HDR

I am surely not the first person to be talking about Catania and/or about HDR. What’s wrong with this? Nothing.

HDR is a photography technique that consist in taking some pictures (>2) at different exposure level and elaborate them together in order to get only one picture. I guess you can learn more about HDR just clicking here.

The funny thing is that I have no patience for “studying” (A students in physics that hates to study?! Yeah, beside I am not as good as I wished in physics too, photography is fun for me at the moment, there is no way I can seriously “work” with this at the moment, so the idea to be “studying” something about photography is quite awful to me).

So I have just applied my technique of “chaotic learning”.  I asked to a friend what I needed to get an HDR picture, and did some experiment.

First, almost an year ago:



Second, this summer:



Yesterday I shot 3 pictures to 2 different parts of the same building and, here you are the steps of what I did:



I mixed up the first 3 pictures, tried to correct perspective and here you are the final results:


Viale  (“avenue”) XX Settembre #39. Catania.
Building named: “Palazzo Monaco” by engineer Luciano Nicolosi (1855-1947). Building in different styles.
I guess here you can notice part of the “Geometric frames” and the grating in decò-Empire style… forgive me, I am just a physics students trying to “translate” an old Italian book written in “artistic-architectural language” ;D


Viale  (“avenue”) XX Settembre #39. Catania.
Building named: “Palazzo Monaco” by engineer Luciano Nicolosi (1855-1947). Building in different styles.
I guess here you can notice part of the “Geometric frames”, the grating in decò-Empire style and part of the caryatids and telamons (they human-looking sculpture) by Mario Moschetti.

Again…Please, forgive me, I am just a physics students trying to “translate” an old Italian book written in “artistic-architectural language” ;D

Be aware, monuments don’t look so colorful in reality, but neither as bad as in the first 3 pictures of each group. Those of you that can, COME TO SEE it is worth to do it! 😀

Actually… I don’t love edited pictures, but I am liking the result in this case.

I don’t know the reason… probably it’s due to my inability to take pictures to monument or due to my desire to “go somewhere else for a little while”…but I see in it a good, probably funny too, way to look at Catania.

It’s just an experiment-project I started yesterday (I will give more detailed information soon). I wished I could take more pictures, but after lunch I felt pretty bad and I had to come back home, my legs can be pretty mean sometimes.

I’ve been talking enough.

Wish a wonderful Sunday to all of you! ;D

Posted May 3rd, 2009.


Taking off… to take some pictures! ;D


Busy days, fortunately.
I hate doing nothing that amaze me. Who would like?
Yesterday I went to my country house (800 mt above sea level)… a lot of people here have a country house somewhere on Mt Etna. Anyway, yesterday was a cloudy day, so I had the chance to take only a couple of  “on the average” shots. The taking off butterfly is one of those… I hope I can try to take a similar, but better, shots soon. I hope you will enjoy this.

I should be studying, but that’s a weird period of my life… anyway, I am fleeing to take some pictures around Catania, I want to picture Building in Liberty Style.
I will talk about it later.

Wish me luck! ;D

Have a wonderful day.

Posted May 2nd, 2009.


Peeking cat

16th September 2008.

I went with my boyfriend to take some pictures to the ruins of a roman amphitheater that there is in Catania (hopefully pictures of this will be uploaded tomorrow night)… well, I guess that the first lesson of that day has been: “Taking pictures to monuments isn’t something you should keep doing”. Indeed, I enjoyed more to take pictures to some kittens that had their “house” there.
These little cats gave me the chance to take a lot of pictures and of different kind: from the happy to the gloomy type.
Today, I choose a picture, that, according to me, belongs to the second group… or at least, it seams so to me and I feel kinda of “represented” from this kitten.


This little guy was peeking from its home to see if it was safe to get out, its siblings did alike but this one was probably the most prudent kitten… soon later, I set with my camera a little further and I started to watch and wait.
All the kittens came out 3 or 4 times, giving me the chance to take some nice shots. Later, alas, came a numerous group of tourists that scared the little cats a who run to their home.
After a few minuets my boyfriend showed me that there were grids on the floor, from these grids you could see parts of some tunnels… the cat of the picture was watching us, at a first moment I thought to take another picture of him staying below the grid… but, seemed like the cat was in prison, so I gave up the idea to take this picture and I went away in order to leave at peace the little cat.

New Gallery online: “Animals”—>”Cats”. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Posted April 30th, 2009.


Hometown? Catania, Sicily.

[If you are just looking for some Catania’s picture you can take a look here, or click on the album column (on the right) to see more post related to “Catania”]


I cannot change this answer for the rest of my life… I was born an grew up there.

I still live in Catania.

When I was 12 or so I was PROUD to be Sicilian I was so PROUD to live in Catania. I loved this little city, I tried to focus on learning the local language too.  [Italian (or English) is the language you use to study, Catanese (local Sicilian) is the “city” dialect.]
Few years later I started feeling in prison in Catania and started to describe it as a “little meaningless town”.
When I was 19 I almost hated the city, it couldn’t give me the chance to study photography or similar thing… but I was too weak to go away, to go to Rome or Milan to study what I wanted to study. Beside, in my family (as in many other ones), an artistic career is consider quite unsafe, too difficult and dangerous and… somehow I think they are right.

All this made me decide to study physics. Pretty far from art, I know… but it was the only thing that I found interesting and, actually, science is my “first love” (since I was 9, while I started to REALLY love photography only since I was 13 or so…).

Now, I quite failed physics studies, I will go ahead in order to get the degree as well as I can but, I am probably walking on the way that will make me dreaming for job I will never like but I will need as water in the desert because: “money are necessary to build up a family”.

That’s not a complain, or probably it is but… trust me, I don’t mean to complain, I just want to explain you WHY I rarely take picture of this city (beside the fact that I still don’t understand how to picture a building)… and this probably cause (at least in part) the pretty low quality of these picture… but I like some Catania details so I am going to show you up something:


Just an example…

I remember when I was a child these patterns always fascinated me, and this particular one seems a “fountain” to me.

Seeking for details I might like… it’s probably the only good thing I can do when I don’t like something.

It’s probably the main way, for me, to understand things.

—> This mean there is a new gallery in the site: ” Cities—>Catania “Close Up” “

Posted April 26th, 2009.


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