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Trip to Pantalica: waterfall and polarizing filter

In May 2006 a photographer told me to try long exposure with waterfalls… it was in Pantalica, it was the first time I saw so much (not-salt)water an more or less little waterfalls and I tried and go this shot I called in a-not-so-creative-way”  “Panta rei”. There are sweet memories linked to that shot… I was 18yo and full of hopes and able to dream… well.. it’s not important.

I fear that in August in Pantalica there isn’t as much water as in spring time… so finding waterfalls has been rather difficult (or probably i looked for them… in the wrong places)

I’m not this happy with the shots I have taken…probably I went too experimental.

What’s sure I’m pretty disappointed by the double polarizing filters technique this time… the physicists side of my soul wish it were possible to know how these filters are made because they seem to  not working as the ones I used in the laboratory of Physics II. Who knows… maybe an idea for my graduation thesis?

Gasp! I think I have to buy ND filter…and again the physicists side of my soul would so much know how this stuff is built (in details)

but I have also to consider that I messed up the shots… wrong settings or something like this… It’s humiliating to do such mistakes after so many years…
Well, it’s part of the learning process, no?
I know, i could read where people explain how to get the result… but… I really hope it’s possible to make the double polarizing filter idea working.

Despite all, I have found a slice of the Beauty I am always seeking

A reason to not give up, don’t you think?

Posted September 10th, 2012.

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Today it was crowded

a little experiment.
I have got only partially what I wanted to reach

Posted March 23rd, 2012.

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Keep on testing

Again from 7th January tests.

Posted January 12th, 2012.

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“Experiment” is a word that is often said by people around me.
I have grown up in a scientific environment
I had decided to study science
I am probably going to live the rest of my life in a scientific environment, indeed, the lack of money given to university in Sicily is going to change my life in 2 days.
This word is such a big part of my life that I often use it to describe what I do with photography… no, no, I don’t say “experiment” to sound like a smart-scientific-artist… it’s what I actually do since I have not the patience and probably the humility to open books or follow photography courses…
to be 100% precise I have to say that at first I looked at others’ works a lot (I still take inspiration by them),
that with time you get experience (a lot to do yet)
and the both last things help a lot to know what can you do with the camera and, therefore, to know toward which direction you can move with your experiments (like for a scientist that has to know how his instrument works).
But that’s what I essentially do: take the camera and see what I get and in some days i focus on specific “experiments”.
This is the long exposure time.
This is the first shot I am sharing that I took with a double polarize (tomorrow is the second).
This is the first shot on which I have started to work on, but that I decide to leave at the point I left it before dinner. It’s an incomplete work that tells to where stuck the conversation between me and the webmaster about this “new” method of taking pictures.
I don’t think I’m the first doing what I am doing, but i am sure that I have never read (so far) of people doing what I am doing and that I had this idea while talking with my webmaster in front of the sea in the late morning of October 31st.
Today I was still talking with him in front of this picture, while I was working on this picture… then we left for dinner… and I know that we won’t talk this close for a longer time from now.
I wanted to freeze things as they are.
I have other pictures to work on… and I will take more. For today, for another whole day spent with him I want to remember this.
Our chat in front of my works, or while I was taking picture that are just a mere mixture of topics.


Posted January 7th, 2012.

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