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Sicily: sea, sand and sun shining in a blue sky, or…

you can go jumping on a crater of mt Etna during a cloudy afternoon

View on Mt Etna from Crateri Silvestri - August 2014

Sicily offers cookies of all tastes, all packed in a island that covers, if I’m not wrong, a surface as big as Vermont.
Good for me when I end up to be “trapped” in Beauty cell

The picture of this post was taken on August 28th from the tip of  highest of Crateri Silvestri.
Crateri silvestri is the easiest place to visit, a little mainstream but if you are not used to hiking and you have little time (like me) it is a good place to feed eyes.
Now I’m aiming for something new/more but this is another story.

I took the above picture in the attempt to just collect the crazy set of colours that mt Etna offers in that spot

Today I have decided to edit and share this image because it perfectly fits with these days mood

I’m getting close to a big crisis* period and mood is a little darker than usual but yet there are some spots of crazy colours

Well, apparently dark mood is not against Beauty,
maybe it just make the seeking more difficult and maybe result a little less relaxing
Maybe real test would be taking pictures, but I have to wait a week at least.

We’ll see

*maybe you want to check etymology of the word crisis 

Posted September 15th, 2014.

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Sunday little walk on Mt. Etna

Mt. Etna - 8th June 2014
I guess I officially started to explore simple trekking path on Mt. Etna

Posted June 8th, 2014.

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Ladybug on tree

Lady Bug on tree - 21st April 2014

Playing with “old” pictures while waiting for the moment I can get back to picture taking
Ignoring Willy Bit Adventures pictures I don’t go for pictures hunting since April 21st

Yeah, it’s fun to plan my shots as I do with Willy Bit’s Adventures pictures, there is room for surprise even in that situation, but I guess I love much more just going out and wait for reality to surprise me

Maybe I’m just being lazy and dumb

We’ll see

Posted May 19th, 2014.

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It’s too early to feel nostalgia!

Simeto River, Forre laviche - 29th September 2013

The last picture (I think) to be published of our trip at “Saraceni bridge” and “Forre laviche del Simeto”

I definitely fell in love with the look of lava stone shaped by water

they look great in b&w, in normal color and HDR.

Then I got “nostalgia” of Sicily… and felt super stupid because that’s exactly where I am, even if I can’t look at this show every day.

Point is, it makes sense if an old guy, or an emigrated guy feel homesickness


but…yellowish water running on stones with blueish reflex is

weird/funny and beautiful at the same time, no?

Definitely, it’s a nice reminder of how to get back Home.

Posted October 17th, 2013.

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Sssh! I know it’s a “lie”

Simeto River, Forre laviche - 29th September 2013

Well… almost a lie.

An HDR picture (or at least, what I tried to get).

For some funny reasons the lava stones in this set of pictures look blue

They weren’t blue!

We (me and the webmaster) have a theory about why I got blue stones as final result but we are not sure about it.
I’m trying to seriously figure out what happened. Who knows, I  might become able to intentionally reproduce this effect in other situation.
At the end, whatever I learn about taking pictures, so far, is the result of experiment and accidental “discoveries”.

Sure, I could have managed to avoid the blue and let stones to their (more or less) original grey… as well as to avoid the golden-yellow of lower stones… but I loved too much the effect!

Seems like a place where to set a fantasy story…or probably I’m reading too much fantasy stuff that I see such places everywhere.

I don’t know.

I just hope you can enjoy the image as well


Posted October 12th, 2013.

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One of my favorite lunch location

Enjoying the shadow of a tree

Looking at Simeto river

Aware that behind there is Mt. Etna

Simeto River, Forre laviche - 29th September 2013

I hate that I burnt light in the waterfall but I still “love” this picture.

Or probably it is just summer-time nostalgia speaking


Well, at the end I am not going to complain. I’m still in Sicily.
If I work well in the following weeks, who knows, I might decide to go back in Vendicari  in late November or December.

And who knows, I might gain a few hours trip on mt. Etna even earlier.

Now, I just hope the webmaster won’t turn homesick at finding this post tomorrow.

This is one of the first time that I’m seriously wondering if I’m going to delete all my pictures some day.
I mean, the day it will be my turn to move to a, most likely, much colder and uglier* place, what these picture will mean to me?
– Source of comfort, like a memorandum that Beauty is still intact, and who knows, a source of energy to find beauty even in the new place?
– or I’ll consider these shots as source of unbearable homesickness and just remove them from my computer?

I’m in no hurry to discover it.


*Sorry, a place where a 2°C winter day is considered “warm” and, above all, if to this it’s add the fact that you cannot see (daily) a mountain, the sea and/or color, this is an ugly place for me. You know, no place is like home 😛 
Worse if all you can see is buildings with no charm. (recall, I’m half serious! Everyplace has its beauty)
Sure I can’t daily see see the water fall, but mt Etna or the sea yes, I just have to leave home and walk for a few minutes. Going to print pictures would take longer


Posted October 11th, 2013.

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Ponte dei Saraceni

Ponte (bridge) dei Saraceni - 29th September 2013
This time, I think, we found a nicer point of view.

Posted October 8th, 2013.

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The smirking stone

Wondering if I have to worry I see a smirking stone in this picture.
Sure it looked perfect for my mood since tonight.

Simeto River, Forre laviche - 29th September 2013

Why taking pictures? I keep asking me this question. Sorry. I was taught to think well about what I choose to do.

I guess that pictures above proves that I just play with lights for my own pleasure.

Playing with lights the way I do often leads to a result that is a mixture of mistakes and interesting “things”.
Like above, it’s my nth attempt to get an HDR.
Flat perspective.
I forgot to try the HDR from a better point of view, or probably a just black-background picture looked like a better choice.
I can’t recall. I was too busy to no fall down (i’m definitely not athletic)
This picture has burnt lights. Darn!
I probably did a bad use of the HDR…and so on.

Nonetheless I like the result. The water, the general impression.

The more the time passes, the more I see taking pictures as the only (always) available way I know to find that Beauty that kick me out of bed.

I wish could be more a “poet” in taking photographs, but this is not something I’m allowed to. Someone said because I have a scientific mind, but I have no idea of what means having a scientific mind.
.. and probably at least 20 people among physics and maths teachers in Catania would disagree with that definition of my mind. Even the webmaster, I guess.
Indeed, this group of people tend to use of the word “chaos” when attempting to describe my mind.

I already said have no interest in capture the “moment” that speak of the moment. I prefer stuff that speak of eternity.
I’m greedy. Sorry.

At the end, I’ve always been the idiot that to a life of fun, always chosen the way that was difficult but looked like the only available to get closer to the eternal beauty.

Sharing results because: you never know someone might enjoy the results of my chats with Beauty.

Exusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta?
yes and no.
I just need to often write down why I keep wasting so much time on photography… and especially on publishing the results.

Posted October 7th, 2013.

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Alcantara 2013: on a nearby hill

Alcantara 2013: ruins

Someday I have to apply to find out what it was.



Norman Castle
Place: Francavilla
To know more follow this link

Posted August 8th, 2013.

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Repetita iuvant: Alcantara 2013

In 2007 I went to the Alcantara park with parents. I took some pictures, mainly of dragonflies and some waterfalls.

During the following years I often said “Someday I want to go there again”

The day arrived yesterday.

This time parents and webmaster were my patient fellows.

Results are so so, I think (at least I like to think) that I could have done much better but definitely it had been a great day and results are still ok.


Sorry if I sound silly, but really, Sicily is amazing.

Posted August 6th, 2013.

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Sunflower - June 2013

As tradition for this site-blog

At least a sunflower shot for the spring-summer months

This year let’s start with an HDR shot

Posted June 24th, 2013.

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