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Kind craziness and 1mm that worths a lens

I know the blessing of having some friends, even if it’s hard to stand me, I admit.

One of these friends is crazy enough that decided to lend me his 7 years old camera (that still has a great value),
apparently I can use it till the day I will figure out what camera I want to buy (I hope by the end of the year if not earlier).

Looks like a condition of the rent is to go back to USA, means I have to visit Vermont…
it doesn’t look like a bad condition.

Camera arrived without lens because friend needs old ones for his new camera, and I thought I was going to use my father’s lens.
Stupid me!
I didn’t check flange focal distance till last moment, and for a “mere” 1mm there was no way I could have used my father’s lens on friend’s camera.
To be more clear, I could use father’s lens but I would have to buy adapter that has lenses that will effect image quality and,well…just no!.
Slightly sad and A LOT mad at me I started wondering what to do.
Friend offered to ship an old lens he his not using, but he had been already too generous …I wanted to find alternative solution.

What to do?
I surfed through web to look for cheap lenses, but the cheap ones are “meh”-lenses and still not that cheap…especially if I’ll buy a camera of brand that is not the same lens brand.
I then decided to opt for “old” style lenses that is easier to place on digital camera of different brands.

I found an used lens, in shop in Turin, that costs more than the cheap lenses but definitely worths more and I am sure I can use at least on old digital camera I have already.
This lens is about my age, or maybe a few years younger.

I guess that’s why now I am walking around with two cameras, mine and friend’s camera…and I end up taking pictures I didn’t even consider to think about but let’s start showing a picture that to one of my ever first subjects

Cyclamen!- 20th February 2015- NKTest


Posted February 21st, 2015.

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Surfing through the past

Today I’ve been dealing with the huge amount of pictures I took from May 2005 to March 2010.
This means almost 5 years of shots, starting from the simplest ones of the first months to the more “complex” ones of the last months.

I’m doing this to create a folder of “nice desktop for computer”, 2 mac book and a hp tablet pc. I don’t think I need to explain how felt strange finding very first pictures like some cyclamen shots like this

I’ve ignored this picture when I’ve taken it… probably because it’s not great and it doesn’t have the “black background” I love to create in flowers pictures.

I’m liking this shot a lot today and I’ve decided to place it among the “possible desktop”.

The questions always the same “Was I right then? Am I right now?”
The answer changed in: “I don’t care I’m liking it and I think it’s enough”.

Posted July 15th, 2010.

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Wednesday, a reason to smile.

A more “personal” post…

Friendship can be pretty weird sometimes. It can transform a word, a simple word like Wednesday, in the most amazing word for a whole evening and even more…

What a laugh, that Wednesday of about 3 years ago! I don’t remember the precise day, neither what I was talking about with my friend, but I remember that at a certain point I wanted to say “Wednesday” and I couldn’t…

I don’t know the reason, but I was unable to read that word properly… my friend on the other side, first tried to remind me how to read “Wednesday”, soon later he started mocking me with his weird but lovely style. He started asking me, with a serious voice: “What day come after tuesday?” “What before Thursday?” and so on… I tried to answer a couple of time, but there was no chance. Wednesday wasn’t a word I could say that day.
I started laughing and I cried for the laugh, and my friend from “willing” to “mocking” started laughing with me, smiled (I knew when he was smiling) and than laughed with me.

Later I told him that sometimes Italians have big problem in reading English words, because we link just a sound to each letter, while in English sometimes it is different (“e.g. The “e” in “Elephant” or “send” and the “e” in seen are read in different ways, while in Italian we are used to read the “e” symbol only as in Elephant or send, doesn’t matter if there is one or more e… to not talk about dropped sounds alike the ending “e” in verbs alike “create”, Italians learning English would tend to read also the final e).
It has been difficult to explain this difference, but when he understood he started asking me to read in the “Italian way” some complex words, and I can assure you it has been a lot of fun.
I know, seen from outside it may look just a stupid situation… probably it is. But, what’s bad in it? 🙂

Few months before dying that friend talked with me via MSN for a last time.
He was pretty sick and for this reason he had problems to sit for a long time at the table. I showed him some pictures, as I was used to do, and among those picture there was this one:


(As always, click on the picture if you want to know “something more”).

He was really sweet and nice that last day we talked but he didn’t loose his weird humor and he started kidding that I should have sold the pictures, make money and send them to him. I told him that I preferred to save those money to go in the USA and visit him. He liked the idea, he smiled (I knew when he was smiling).
He has been the first person to think that I could earn some money from pictures. He was crazy enough to believe it as my boyfriend does now ;D

If it will happen, some day, I want to fulfill my promise. I will go to visit him in his town… What if I sell no picture? It doesn’t matter, I will go to visit him anyway ;).

But… imho…the nicest thing is that, when it’s Wednesday, sometimes, I whisper to myself  “Wednesday” and this makes me smile…

All just to tell you something about the reason that made me choose this picture for the new gallery “Flowers” —> “Cyclamens”. I love it, there are a lot of good memories linked to that picture for me.

Posted May 6th, 2009.


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