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It’s a nice day to bloom :)


Probably it’s a common condition.
Living through the different tasks, planning for future and yet part of mind is elaborating information.

These months are going, probably, of some big change.
Yet I find myself lost in thinking about electromagnetic waves, love, eternity and so.

Today I exposed this raw thought to the Webmaster. I was sure he would have consider it the nth weirdness of mine, instead he liked it.
I guess I have to consider it as a blessing, a flavour of love.

The above orchid?
Oh well, it’s the nth orchid that had to last only 1 years instead this is the 8th year it’s blooming.
One of the sweetest present I received from The Webmaster.

It’s nice that the first flower decided to bloom around today.

Posted May 12th, 2015.

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A shade of fatherhood

Once my mother told me “Most men want a son but when they have a daughter, they melt” Proof? Pictures/video quantity generally increases, for example. No matter if girl is child number 3 or 4 or more, melting process starts.

I wonder if it ever ends

Sicilian fathers are told to be among the most jealous of their daughters. My daddy never showed up with a lupara when my boyfriend comes to pick me to go out for the evening, but well, I guess that’s just because we have no guns and this is not daddy’s style to display care for his kids

Definitely, one of the most beautiful things in the world is the smile of a father looking at his daughter, especially grown up daughter. No matter how ugly father (and daughter) are, seeing such a smile means being witness of a show that speaks of beauty at its best. Well, mentally sane fathers. There are fathers who hurt their children or desert them. Fortunately in this case there might be an uncle or a family friend around that “adopts” deserted kids (just staying in the area of what I’ve seen with my own eyes)

Getting back to mentally sane fathers.

I think that my father melting process is still on: it is at least the second birthday in a row that my father bring me an orchid plant for my birthday. I still have the last year one, but it doesn’t metter

It’s always possible to find room for beauty

27th bday orchid by daddy - late may 2014

Posted June 5th, 2014.

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My axe? Beauty-seeking

It’s not just fear of the unknown
It’s facing something new that bring its new issues and problems with a tired mind/soul

Despite the several positive notes
it came,
the n-th abrupt slow down,
the n-th doubt about my future that easily turns into frustration

A lesson, a life lesson from many points of view

I won’t list them all,  they have to be left in the private dimension.

I’d love to speak of one of those though.

Funny is that this is the most private point of view


at the same time is probably the only that must be recorded here because

I have to write it down
I have to remember how
despite the negativity
hitting the “taking pictures” dimension of my life
I still plan to take pictures.

I still sit in front of a flower and get lost in its texture and recharge my soul

Orchid - December 2013

This passion ( ? ) survived to another hit

I do NOT know the reason.
I do NOT know well what will come next

All I know is that in these days Home seems a bit more far away,
despite Christmas day is so close
but I can still “see” It.

so, I guess, that now, it’s time to follow what (maybe) someday
my friends,
will define as “Ely’s motto”:
focus on beauty
(the soft version of what my viking-soul would describe as “use beauty as axe against bad situations”)

and the only way I know to do it is

taking pictures

if possible with family and friends at my side
Or in front of my camera.

I’ll show over here the drops of Beauty I hope to collect

If I find time

Yeah, because I have a lot of things to complete to finally gain the chance to meet or re-hug my friends who live far away

The rest of the world, I’m sorry, can wait.

Orchid - December 2013

Posted December 23rd, 2013.

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Orchid, again

Posted December 14th, 2010.

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Just a new orchid

I think I’m a kind of “orchid” addict, I’ve serious problems to not buy one of them when I go to a flowers shop…

Posted December 13th, 2010.

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It’s still blooming!

27th May 2005. I went to buy a plant with daddy and I saw a nice orchid. I’ve always loved orchids and all bulb flowers but they are usually the most expensive ones, thus my parents usually avoided buying those.

I think that day daddy decided to buy that orchid because the following day was my 18th birthday. When we were paying our plants the lady owning the “flowers and plants shop” told me: “I want to just tell you that this plant probably won’t bloom the next year”.

For the following 4 years (till May 2009) it kept on blooming and showing her best flowers at the end of May.
It was always great, it was like “receiving” a present that brings hope.

This year 2 orchids didn’t bloom, one was even without leaves and we thought that probably mine was the dead orchid…

Few minutes ago I’ve gone out on the balcony to check if the clouds were rain clouds or not, and I saw an amazing show:

For the 6th year of its life, and the 5th time that it wasn’t supposed to bloom, my little orchid did it!

At the moment there are “just” two flower and the leaves seems not in their best shape, but it still rocks! 🙂

That’s one of those little events that can cheer up me for a whole day ^_^

Posted June 29th, 2010.

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A common picture for a common life

This really “crowded” orchid is a present I was given by the webmaster.
He gave me it saying “I’m sorry”, the day after we had a terrible argument. It was early June 2008.
We were both so upset and frustrated that probably we both thought we were going to break up.
A friend of mine, who lives in Texas, helped me to calm down and this made me finding the strength to overcome that problem.

This is the 3rd year the orchid is making flowers.
Till last year it did flower along a vertical branch, that died and it made growing this horizontal one. It’s probably due to the fact that the plant gets sun mainly from that direction.

I love this year “flowers configuration”, especially because there is JUST ONE orchid differently oriented (rotated of about 90 degree on the right).
It makes me smile because it seems it didn’t want to be hidden by other orchids and it’s seeking for more light.

On the right there is the “dead body” of my very first orchid that I bought for my 18th birthday and did flower for 5 years. It’s dead now.

That’s what I think when I look at this plants, the little story of the last years of my life.
A common life of a constant desire of eternal Love and Beauty.

Posted June 22nd, 2010.

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Hot and humid

In these days Catania weather is awful. It’s so hot and humid that you can’t find peace even in the wind, that is even hotter, and there are only clouds (that bring no rain) in the sky.

I’m feeling a little sick too, so I guess it’s normal if I consider a “looking out of focus” image is something good to be posted.

Posted June 15th, 2010.

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