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The endless calendars odyssey

All started in late 2007, when I decided I wanted to try to create calendars with my own pictures

Now I can say: it’s definitely an evolving activity.

I started to create the calendar for just me, mother and the webmaster.
I’ll never forget it took me some days to aligns the days the very first time.
Yes, because till that day I didn’t even tried to draw a line with a graphic program, so i just opened it and tried tools (I admit, not an healthy thing to do)

Step by step everything changed, not sure if evolved in a good way, but definitely every year there was something new or improved, or I discovered tricks to make the work easier.

This year I have started to create the 2014 calendars in late August

I want to take my time to think, to make correction and above all to have things ready by early December.
I wanted to give time to friends or just random customer, time to decide which calendars they want, which changes and when getting it.

In the last weeks
– I have changed the months layout with the hope that in the printed version everything is clearly visible.
-I have created 1 or 2 calendars and I have started to update the last year ones I want to keep.

Well, during this process started a little argument with the webmaster, he, as many other said “I cannot easily find months sequence”.

I got furious for the situation.

I kept thinking (and saying)

You are people that can understand advanced maths/physics and philosophy and you get confused with the order of 12 months?
Plus, I felt “betrayed” because he was complaining of exactly the same calendar last year he, and others, considered fine.

So I decided I wanted to quit, I was about to delete all the calendars from my computer and quit with this “waste of time”.

At the end I hadn’t the courage to delete the folder, but surely, I stopped working on calendars and pictures.

It was an nth-failure and I had no will to react this time.
It’s easier to quit, no?

Then on Sunday we went to take pictures.
Actually I didn’t even want to go to take pictures, but I kept silent because if I say “i don’t want to take picture” people around me get worried.
– I rarely go out
-it is rare the webmaster suggest to go somewhere
– weather was surprisingly nice

So I went with my typical approach of “Hey Boss, I am sure I’ll get nothing, prove me wrong!”.

Of course, I harvested several photographic-fruits


SomeOne is probably still laughing. Laughing out loud.

On Monday, the webmaster, made me change mind about taking part on a photographic contest.

I said the true “There is almost no chance I win” and he said “C’mon, not taking part is the best way to lose”.

So I provoked him “I hadn’t chosen pictures to send, and time is almost over”.

He proposed to help and we spent a good two hours trying to figure out what to send… and here I am, taking part on this contest.

Still thinking I won’t win but absolutely surprised the webmaster took everything this seriously.

So… well… ok… let’s be humble and try to solve the months order

I finally re-opened a calendar file and in 2 minutes I got this

Calender 2014: Blue Butterfly

last year version


looked like this

Calendar 2013: blue butterfly

I’m not saying it’s perfect but I hope it’s better.

Funny is that as soon as I thought “let’s drown wind waves with months”, everything almost took form alone.

Well, now I’m curious what will happen in a few years.

Let’s get back to work (and studies)

Posted October 3rd, 2013.

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Mt.Etna and Sea calendars

Yesterday I completed the Mt. Etna calendar

About 30 minutes ago I have started to work on the 7th and last calendar, but for some reason I came up with this unplanned result

I have to figure out if I want to put it in the group of the calendars I want to sell or create another sea calendar for the people.

Not that I want a personalized unique calendar for meย  but I reckon that the union of such a B&W image and the colors of the days (even just the white and reds without any other specific event highlighted) can be really disturbing, unless both the picture and the colored days means something for you…I don’t know.

I think that it’s something that only a crazy mind like mine, that links to that picture a lot of little but relevant moments of her life, can like such a calendar.


Posted November 22nd, 2012.

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Butterfly Calendar 2013

Posted November 18th, 2012.

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At least 2 base calendars now

Red Rose 2013

Second created yesterday
Soap Bubble 2013

Stay tuned!

Posted November 14th, 2012.

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The Webmaster’s treasure map

Today was the turn of the calendar for the webmaster

Yesterday he said that he wanted something like the “map calendar” I created for a friend’s grand kids

Therefore I was creating something similar with the background of the Orion constellation, but … when the webmaster saw the draft, he said:

“Nooo, I meant a complete treasure map, like the one in Duck Tales”

Now, I watched that animated television series, actually I loved it, but I couldn’t remember of a specific map

A few seconds later he sent me this link:

Oh… well, I could have avoided the work, I had to just play the card “make him feel guilty” that means saying things like:

“I have never drawn a map like that! I study physics and take pictures, I can’t do this TOO! You make me waste time!”, but

he asked it in such a tender way, like he went back to the age we had when this show was on TV, and

I have to admit it, the challenge was intriguing enough that I have agreed to make a treasure map, or at least something looking like a treasure map.

No matter how long it might have taken.

The path, the circle, the final “X” on his favorite picture, the mountains, the so-so trees, the rivers as well the railroad (for the railroad may God bless the brushes of the program).

All created today, while chatting with the webmaster via skype and showing, through screen sharing, the calendar taking form step by step.

It is not exactly like the Duck Tales map, it’s way more trivial, but I guess that as first attempt of “treasure map” I can’t complain.

And, above all, the webmaster sounds really happy of it.

Just a funny note:

while I’m writing this post from the webmaster’s laptop I hear this music coming:

and several other intro of animated television series

I guess we have to thank skype for such a funny evening despite we have to live 1000km away from each other.


Posted November 11th, 2012.

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On friday I got rid of another exam (YAY!) considering what happened in the last 3 years I can’t complain. The problem is that in theory in less than a month I have a written test 0.0

I have started working on calendars in these days

The first of the base* calendar

and went ahead today with the calendar for a friend

in the center goes the picture of his grand kids

*I’m going to call “base calendars” the ones that are not done specifically for a friend or a relative and that I have the intention to sell.

Of course the big text “” is just for this web version, the actual calendar is clean with just a little signature in a corner

Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚

Posted November 10th, 2012.

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The last 3 calendars are ready

And now a calendar for the “pulzella” (Merins’ daughter):
It is focused on “panorama” because a fe days ago, while we were having a conversation via sms she told me she loves panorama shots.
The cat is an extra picture she has chosen from my website.

This one is for my friend Merins…. this time the calendar was more focused on what she loves doing (singing) and her singer friends and group of singer (Ethno Voice).
Some of the pictures (the 3 group pictures + the picture under March: the man with the guitar) are not mine, the others are picture I took on Jan 8th 2011.

And finally the calendar for my bedroom:

Under (or above) each month there is a picture taken on that month of any of the past years.
In the central line I had put soap bubbles shots for decoration and because I do love those shots
Let’s see who can say which is the “planned” pictures composition and the reason of this pictures-matching ๐Ÿ™‚

I will have this calendars printed tomorrow afternoon.

Something tells me that the work is not over, but what is left are probably calendars that I have to send via mail due to distance issues…:)

Posted December 28th, 2011.


So far: four 2012-calendars created

You have already seen the Java-theme Calendar for year 2012.

The Calendar made for my brother.

On 19th December officially started “my” Christmas vacation.
This means that on 19th December afternoon I have started doing what I had been desiring to do for at least 4 weeks:
just stay with my pictures and imagination!
since it’s the end of the year I opted to go ahead with the calendars project.

On Monday I created a soap-bubble theme calendar for my mother.

This one will hang on a wall in our apartment corridor for the next 12 months.

On Tuesday I created a nature-events theme calendar for the webmaster:
For the first time he will hang his calendar in a room in north Italy. Big changes in our life are going to happen in a couple of week, I want to give him something that would make him feel at home even for just a second per day.

On late Tuesday a good man I met on the web asked me a calendar for his granddaughter. He asked me a calendar full of cats

Here it is. Except for the cat on the left bottom corner, that is the grandpa’s cat picture taken with a cellphone the rest all all cats picture I have taken from late Summer 2006 to October 2011.
I tried to use lighter colors since it will go as a present for a 7 year old girl. I hope she’ll enjoy it.
This was actually the most difficult calendar since I have no idea of what a little girl might like (but this is another story…)

Now the last big dilemma is left: WHAT ABOUT MINE CALENDAR?

I know that these calendar are not exactly the most useful thing in the world, but people receiving one of these as present seem to enjoy his/her calendar for the whole year.
Plus: I really love making them because it’s another way to enjoy the process that start with a just-white page and ends with a colorful page.

Posted December 22nd, 2011.

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First 2012 calendar

I thought to start creating them in a couple of weeks, but today the idea comes you can’t ignore it ๐Ÿ™‚

Posted December 5th, 2011.

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Calendars 2011

Work is over, everything went (except a little note on the printing, they turned the colors much darker and wasted a little the effect of those) and now we can go ahead in this year.

On the left the calendar for a friend, on the right the one for my bedroom

Posted January 8th, 2011.

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