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Printing test #1

Here we go.

Time flies. I’m something like 1-2 (extra) months late in my studying schedule, bunch of reasons but the point is that I’m going to have very little time for the next week. I’m speaking of time to dedicate to my pictures.

Despite this yesterday I wanted to use a discount ticket that an Italian online printing service sent me for birthday (of course I already used this service in the past)

Good timing! I was thinking about doing some printing test.

Ok, the discount barely cover the shipping costs but since I was going to do this test anyway, at the end I got an extra picture to hang on my wall.

The test is: printing images on a magnet

Ok, I’m disappointed a little that magnets I find are square-circular or “hearth”-shape…I’d rather love more rectangular magnets (2:3 and 3:4 ratio at least) but ok, it’s all fine.

I think it’s almost a cliché (but a nice one) to bring at home a magnets showing famous spots of a visited city…magnets or any other souvenirs

No need to tell what happened to our home fridge when I came back from the NYC-Venice-Padua trip…(actually the number is rather high but just because those magnets will go away when I move)

Anyway…since there is this tradition why not trying to create a personal version?

Even considering that “made in China” products are the easiest to find (sometimes the only available)

That was rather frustrating especially in Venice. In NYC i had not time to look around much but in Italy I had more time and I was sad to see that, despite most Italians don’t lack of creativity for sure, it was difficult to find a local artisan (that sell things a student can afford).

I am not sure results will be exciting even because I intentionally picked average pictures for these tests
(one of my rules: never test something with the best of the best, the following time might be pretty disappointing)

If I’ll be happy of the result I might consider to create some more, at least for friends an relatives, in case of future travel or anything that makes sense printed on something that isn’t just photographic paper.

I hope they will enjoy the idea as well. At the end, this way they can know the story of the pictures and they would have something “made in Italy”.

Actually “made in south Italy” if you only consider the “author” hometown and where is located the printing service


[even if I wonder, now, where it’s made the material on which they print the pictures, but let’s not care]

Printing test #1

And it’s funny to see smiling clouds on the upper left corner of the NYC picture.

I mean…I am noticing those clouds only NOW


Posted June 10th, 2013.

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