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Glass magician

Glass Artist - Venice 28th June 2015

Ok,  there is nothing of “magic” in what this man does, it was a  show for tourists and, it’s obvious that actual work is much more complex and long.

it is really amazing to see
the elegance of those movements, sharp and delicate at the same time;
and to see how in few minute from a shape-less thing he can create such beauty.

It’s a wonderful experience to peek-in the window on glass art.

[Murano (Venice), Italy. June 2015]

Posted August 16th, 2015.

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Seagull in Venice – Venice June2015

Venice Seagull - 26th June 2015

Yesterday was the turn of a baby seagull living on Lachea Island

Seemed logical to post the picture of an older seagull acting like a king in Venice.

Seagulls in Venice seem way more used to human presence, I can not say you can almost shake hands…well, hand-wing… with them, but close.

Few minutes after I took this picture I ate my lunch sitting under one of those arches you can see in the background.
Apparently The Webmaster has some appeal to seagulls, one of them thought well to come jumping around at about only 50 centimetres away from The Webmaster.

Posted July 15th, 2015.

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Surprise few steps away – Venice 2015

Walking around around Venice might mean to pass through those little streets between buildings.
The first times I thought “wow, that’s so narrow and dark that  it’s almost disturbing”,
then I looked up in front of me and …



Some “big” area and beauty is always shining few steps ahead.

Later I started looking for similar other situation

P.S. Feeling sorry for The Webmaster is right 🙂

Posted July 6th, 2015.

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Venice June 2015

Venice - 27june2015

Some random post will appear following, randomly

Posted July 4th, 2015.

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The shadows tradition

Venice trip June 2015 - 28th June 2015

Somewhere in this blog I explained that around January 2013 (period of NYC-NYE trip) I started taking pictures of my+TheWebmaster’s+(relatives’s/friends’s) shadows projected on the ground of the place we are visiting.

There was no reason to not keep the tradition going ahead , therefore last Sunday, at the end of our second trip to Venice me and the webmaster decided to use the nice late afternoon light.

P.S. Tomorrow will be 100 months together. Oops! 🙂

Posted July 2nd, 2015.

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Venice Jan 2013: “Do you remember Indiana Jones?”

Venice (Last Crusade) - january 2013

Walking around Venice with the webmaster he stopped at a little square and said “do you remember ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ ?”
Me: Sure I do
Then the webmaster said: “Here is where they shot some of the scenes that takes place in Venice”
I was 2 and he was 6 when the film came out but somehow is one of the things we love alike.

This time it was me the one being unable to notice a nice “detail”, and I love how when it’s me blind there is always someone at my side to help.
So I tried to take a nice shot of this little place, just to make my webmaster a little happier

I can’t give much to people, but a bit of collected beauty is always “easy” to share.

Below a screen-shot from the movie-scene the webmaster was talking about.
I found the image in a lovely blog I discovered just few minutes ago


Posted April 30th, 2014.

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House fly liver

Venice - January 2013

In the periods when I cannot say “I only dedicate to taking pictures now”
I like to “force” myself opening folder pictures and if I don’t need clean-up I just surf through unedited files and work on those
Because, yes, even in the “I just take pictures now” period I have never been good enough to find the time to do a full selection.

So, yesterday I was surfing through folders pictures looking for something to hang on my wall
(printing on paper gives more than I’ve ever imagined)
and even if I gave with that project I got back editing Venice pictures and I ended up to the above result.


I “confess”

I am abusing a little too much of post editing in these days

This and HDR and I post edited even the HDR final result
(even if, the sky, trust me, was really that cool)

I consider it as small editing practice because as people say in Sicily

Ogni ficateddu di musca fa sustanza

that literally means “Each fly liver is worth”

I think the meaning is clear, anyway, it is just to mean that everything, even the smallest, has it’s reason to be.

Creating the image relaxed me

Looking at this relax people I know, and who knows, even strangers.

A simple beauty that might not “enrich” your soul but definitely can push away for a little while side-effects of tiredness.

Posted January 17th, 2014.

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Venice Jan2013


Venice Jan 2013

Posted June 18th, 2013.

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Venice Jan2013: smoke on water

Venice Jan2013: smoke on water

Posted June 11th, 2013.

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Venice Jan2013

Venice Jan2013

Posted June 6th, 2013.

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Venice Jan2013 and listening to a friend’s suggestion

Surfing through Venice pictures folder I found 2 shots at different light exposure that  were interesting enough to make me try anyway to get an HDR (actually not enough data to even think).

The result wasn’t bad but if I wanted the water to look nice I wasn’t able to not make the sky grey (and it wasn’t grey that in Venice) as well as it gave a weird effect close to the building.

I was just going to go for a square format, that is the rude “crop away the sky”.

Then during a chat with a friend came up this little trouble and told me “why don’t you fix just the sky selecting it?”

I started my usual complain (each time I get an advice I have the bad habit to complain)… saying that “naaaah… it was too false…too boring… not worth too”.

Friend didn’t give up but neither forced to try, just mocked me for being this lazy… more then mocking he just said the truth. Too proud and lazy.


Venice Jan 2013 and a friend's help

It’s not a super wow picture (even if webmaster seemed enjoying it like a child)…
but I should keep in mind that it is a really “experimental” picture for me… I just tried to see what was going to happen in both situations, that are the creating the HDR with just 2 pictures, and the attempt to “invent” a way to fix the sky following friend’s advice to select it and work on just it.

Not super wow but I’m glad of the result… especially because now I linked it with a friend.

Now I can say it’s friend’s fault if I am not studying!
He helped but at the same time he made me discovered a new path (or potentially several ones)
that means also he just gave me a new reason (as I didn’t have plenty of those) to play with pictures instead of…for example, studying maths of physics!!!

See? It’s not my fault!

Just kidding.



Posted June 3rd, 2013.

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