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NY Encounter 2013: Closing night

It’s something I always lack of and always look for

Especially in periods like this, when I have to postpone everything for the nth time.
I feel like someone who is trying to run away from something and falls down on floor, gets up and rushes steps to overcome delay, failing.

In this process I end up hating even my pictures.

No, i don’t hate how they look like, I hate having taken those because, I tell myself, “If I hadn’t wasted time with photography…”

but, then again, only thing that calms me down is taking picture or working on older pictures.

To go ahead I need, as everyone else, the serenity that only who and what we love can give

I am slow, I need my time but at least, I can still see Beauty shining… or I know what to look at to remind myself that, despite all, there is Beauty.

Why the above picture of a musician during the Closing Night of the NY Encounter 2013?

Because it always made me thought of the calm and elegant joy that you can find at doing what you most love doing.

Posted September 3rd, 2013.

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Finally the NYE 2013 albums!

NYE 2013

I repeat, ALL the official pictures taken by the photographers CREW can been found at the NYE flickr account

but I had the pleasure to tell through my pics what I have seen,

therefore I have created 4 albums showing all of my best shots taken those days.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed being there!

Posted April 30th, 2013.

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NYE-NYC Jan 2013: look at the Empire

NYC 20th Jan 2013: look at the Empire

The Encounter was just over and I took this picture at the Empire because an usher, an old Afro-American man, with whom I had a short but interesting chat a couple of hours earlier told me “When you leave the Manhattan Center look at the Empire”.

I had already noticed “they light it with different colors” (as the man said) but when leaving that theater for the last time I wanted to take a simple picture just to have something that reminded me of the kindness of this man.

Posted April 25th, 2013.

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NYE 2013: Display tables

4th albums
Several funny little episodes can be related to the “booths”
(starting from the fact I had no idea what that word means, and probably its meaning is not clear to me yet)
but…let me show this

NYE 2013

that is definitely among the worst pictures, but even among the few showing that image of Italy (on the right) where the name of my hometown appeared

It was curious,  I was in NYC in an event overcrowded by northern Italians, how is that someone knew where Catania is?
Generally even my favorite spaghetti yankee are unable to say something correct about Sicily-

So I went close to that table without my camera and the guy who had to work there came close, probably assuming I was an American student interested to the project.
Unfortunately I was just someone from Catania super happy to see her town considered…I was happy enough to jump for the joy (especially when the guy explained me what that project was).Since that moment he became one of those guys at the display tables that didn’t just said the well-mannered “good morning” or “good evening”
Just an example of those “friendships” that can born in events like the Encounter.

Posted April 22nd, 2013.

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NYE 2013: Third album – Cristeros Exhibit

NYE 2013: Cristeros

I’ve 1 or 2 albums to create left.
I’ve to organize better the ones already on.

Work on the NYE albums is going ahead, slowly, but going ahead.

Posted April 21st, 2013.

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NYE 2013 albums (work in progress)

NYE final show

The work on the albums is going ahead.

Posted April 17th, 2013.

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NYE 2013: Instants speaking of joy

NYE 2013

The show was almost over (I think) and I went on a balcony trying to catch a picture that showed the artists and the audience in action.
While thinking about which was the best frame, I have noticed something happening on the right side of the stage.
3 guys seemed moving up and down something.

“what is happening?!”

The co-players (co-worker? friend? how can I call them?) of the guy playing on the left side of this picture moved up their arms each time he  raised his instrument.
All lasted a few seconds (not more than 5), therefore by the time I realized it was a nice moment and pointed my camera on them, everything was almost over.

What a pity I didn’t catch all the three guys on the right “imitating” the motion of their friend.

I don’t know why they were doing this, but I thought “They are working but enjoying everything like a child”, and considered it the n-th proof of their joy for what their were doing. Hope I’m not wrong

Actually it looked like that each time one of them had a “solo” moment the other guys around supported him, in a way or another…

Posted March 27th, 2013.

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NYE 2013: awaited picture

Final show

Taking picture at the final show wasn’t my task

That’s why I told the young man who had this task that “I’m going to take pictures at the show, but just for my own pleasure”. This young man surprised me answering back: “Don’t worry! I won’t get angry, actually I’d like some help”. Just an example to give an idea of what kind of people you can find working as volunteers at the Encounter.

This picture, especially, is one of my favorite for several reason.

One of the reasons is that for years I thought about how beautiful would have been to take a picture of artists in action.
Especially of people playing this kind of music.
I’ve always been amazed by the fact that you can read joy on their faces or in the way they move. It’s clear that they are putting all their passion, love and effort in what their are doing.
I have always thought would be wonderful to be able to take pictures (or do any other kind of job) the same way they play music.
This passion is like shining Beauty.

So I guess that, despite as any other picture even this one just “happened”, I can say that I have been waiting for this shot for years.

Who knows if I’ll ever get new chances to take pictures like (or much better than) this one.

We’ll see.


Posted March 26th, 2013.

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Building up (“my”) NY Encounter gallery

New York Encounter Chesterton Exhibith
Among the several things I’m trying to do in these days there is trying to create the NY Encounter gallery on this site.

You can find all the amazing pictures of the event (of course taken by the 6 members of photography crew) can be found on the official account

(that means that the album you’ll see on this website is not official and will display just pictures taken by me)

Despite this I wanted to “save” the memory of this amazing experience in a form that is more than a blog post.

At the end if it wasn’t for the friend who invited me to go there and him and his wife kindly hosting me (and the webmaster) none of the last pictures I haven taken would have “happened”.

It reminds me that the webmaster has to work on the gallery format, and we have to figure out other things for the future .

It also reminds me that I promised to friends (especially Italian friends) to write down something about the Encounter experience.
Eh eh, sorry, I am not good with words as you see…but who knows, I might…someday…

Ora et labora?

Posted March 23rd, 2013.

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Almost done!

New York Encounter final show

selection and editing job on the NYE Final Shot pictures is going ahead, hope to complete everything by tomorrow morning

It was many years that i wished I had the chance to take a picture like this.

Posted January 29th, 2013.

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Often while editing a picture I can’t say which I like more, but the real problem is when the same pictures looks more “correct” if cropped

New York Encounter - final show - bb

but has a nicer meaning if let as it came

New York Encounter final show - b

and this means to spend some minutes, hours, days, whatever it takes to decide.

Sometimes I don’t even end up to a decision.

Posted January 28th, 2013.

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