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Today, my favorite model’s birthday

An amazing little simple party

My Favorite Model's bday - Sept 2013

We had a lot of fun.

Really a lot

but mainly it has been a really friendly and warm evening

Just 1 regret: I didn’t take pictures good enough to show how beautiful it has been there.

Posted September 22nd, 2013.

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Unintentional model

Unintentional model

Already told that she is my favorite model, as well as I already said that she rarely pose (generally avoids my camera) but she has something, a way to be that is charming and I cannot ignore it.

Plus the umbrella.
That umbrella that on May 12th became the main character of her youngest brother’s birthday pictures.

What was she doing in this picture?


Well. The smiling balloon in her hand should give an hit

She was looking for a good place to throw that smiling thing, for the mere sake to take a picture of its explosion without causing damages to the park.

Funny is that she looked like she was posing for a bizarre home-made fashion magazine.

I couldn’t ignore that.

One of the kind of pictures I love to take… pictures seeming telling something that (clearing) they are not telling.

In theory I should aim to be a good and serious photographer, but so far I’d be happy if I could just spend another day with some friends doing silly and harmless things, and why not, even enjoying time together taking this kind of pictures


Posted June 8th, 2013.

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My favorite model, indeed

My favorite model, indeed #2

 She is good-looking

My favorite model, indeed

but I still have a lot to learn about taking pictures.


Posted May 15th, 2013.

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What was she thinking?

Taking pictures  of friends

and then looking at these pictures at home and find yourself wondering: what was she thinking?

Mistery is another aspect of Beauty, isn’t it?

Posted March 26th, 2012.

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Figlio piccolo ma alto

Merin’s youngest child, that in her blog she named as “figlio piccolo ma alto” (youngest son but tall) since he is really tall and still growing up.

Her (and our) “amazement” should cause no surprise, if you consider that in 3 months will be only his 16th birthday ;D

Posted February 12th, 2011.

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Mother and daughter

When a few years ago I started my first blog (in Italian) I thought I might have just posted a few shots I take with a related “quotation”… my culture isn’t wide enough to seriously start such a project. After a few months I found myself talking about something I know pretty well, my life. Well, knowing isn’t like understanding it, but that’s one of the most precious present I have ever got. I was surprised of this “unwanted” result, I don’t seriously think there is much to say about my life, but, if you think for a moment the way I take what I want to share with the world (pictures), it’s impossible to avoid talking about the life told by those shots.

Thereofre there is no surprise that over here you can see my brother, my parents’ hands (they don’t enojoy to be public subjects of my shots), my boyfriend, Java the cat, the objects and flowers and panorama around me… and, of course, friends like Merins.

I’ve often talked about Merins and her children, starting form the oldest one that a few months ago I named “Sunshine”… Their life story recently has been filled by a great pain due to the selfishness of person they love, but for some (apparently) crazy reasons in the 18 months they invited me and my boyfriend often. We often go there to have dinner toghether, we talk, we laugh, we eat what Merins or Sunshine cook, once I have brought something I have prepared too, we play with the wii or the webmaster help them with verious techinical problems… I spend always a great evenings over there, like there is a spot of special calm and peace in their house.

Yes, the two women in the shots are Merins and her daughter Sunshine. A stolen shot out of many taken last friday. It isn’t the shot of the 2 I’m looking for… but… each time I look at this shot I smile and I am GLAD. I’m sure I don’t have to explain the reason.

Posted November 2nd, 2010.

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Java in a sweatshirt

We were outside and Java was feeling cold, my brother felt cold too, so…

What’s better than wrapping your kitty in your own sweatshirt?

Posted October 21st, 2010.

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The thinker

My brother pretending to be thinking

Java-the-cat looking around (or at “that damned flashing thing!”), from a new point of view.

I’m still trying to figure out who is the wisest of the two…

Posted June 5th, 2010.

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My brother, August 2006

The following picture has been taken in August 2006.

I publish it only today, because before I didn’t know how to “play with it” in order to get a result I’d like to publish.

Callo copy

Here you can see my brother, who is one of my 2 favorite male “model”.

Why? Beside the fact that he is good looking, he doesn’t mind if you take picture of him then publish them online, he lives close to where I live and…

he has the luck to result nice in a picture even without posing. [I hate, badly hate, to take picture of people in pose :)]

Yeah I can assure you, he was not posing… he is just this way, crazy enough to tie his t-shirt on his head while cooking sausage for lunch and facing the sky, while waiting those few seconds that pass from a turn to another to get an uniform cooking 😉

[Of the sausage on the bbq not of himself under the sun :P]

Posted February 2nd, 2010.


Who is behind?

Let’s do a little outing.
I use internet since I was 10, and I chat since I was 11, therefore I’ve always been a little reluctant in showing people how I look like.

At first “hiding” was a form of protection, later it was shyness and a tendency to think: “Who wants to talk to me shouldn’t need to see how I look like, they must like my soul not my face”.

Later I understood it’s in human nature, even in best people’s one, to tend to will to “see the face” of people they are talking with… it probably gives that note of realism that helps trust.

So now, after almost 11 years I’ve been asked for the first time: “Can you send a picture of you?” I think is not such a bad thing showing my face… hoping you won’t get too scared! 😉

It’s sure, I still “hide” a little and still “hate” who cannot wait to see a shot or who selects people by their faces only.

But, I wanted to give a little of realism and “human” aspect to this site.

So…Here I am! With my “little girl” in a picture taken yesterday evening in my room.

[Sorry. I had to remove the picture for bad experience with people surfing the site… that’s so upsetting!]

Yep. It’s true. Someone can say: “Who assure us that there’s really you there?”

Nobody. I can still be a fat, ugly and terrible man that pretends to be a girl that studies physics and loves photography.

But I’m pretty sure I’m a girl who hopes to be not that fat, ugly or terrible 🙂

Posted November 21st, 2009.


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