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Where is her white winter coat?

Cute afternoon spent with my father going for a short beauty hunting session

Etna - 21st January 2016

It looked like she was saying “I’m beautiful and I know it, but winter forgot how to winter! Where is my white winter coat?!”

Posted February 21st, 2016.

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It’s a folly

They are all right.
It’s crazy.
It’s stupid.
Yet I find intriguing that they ignore the really freaking shade:
all the pro-reasons I can think of, can be cons-reasons as well.
This is what can lead to real folly.

Looks like it’s again one of those “moments” when I can only hang on what, so far, never vanished.

Tiny pale memorandum - Etna January 2016

No, sorry.
It’s not the most beautiful volcano in the universe.
This is just a tiny and pale memorandum.

Posted February 18th, 2016.

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St.Agata 2016

St. Agata 2016

Just a sample of what I’ve seen, with a cute shade of “modern”.
A few years ago there were not so many screens, yet I find it nice.
A selfie forces people to stay with their back at the show they want to use as “background for ego”
During the festival days I saw almost no one taking selfie.
At least if St.Agata was close 😉

Posted February 5th, 2016.

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Inside the Norman Castle

Acicastello, Norma Castle - 6th June 2015

(6th June 2015)

Posted July 3rd, 2015.

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No hurry

6th June 2015

6th June 2015

Posted June 10th, 2015.

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Perpetual discovery

Ok, the post title is a bit too pretentious but, let’s just consider the fact that 99% of my “beauty hunting” trips took place in Sicily.
Sometimes I re-visit places, 2 or 3 or more times.

Each time there is something different or “new” to see.

Probably I should speak more of an “unseen” that reveals later.


What causes this continuos discovery is not known to me.

Maybe the different light?
Maybe it depends on the people around?
Different me?

That and a mixture of something unknown?

Well, definitely it’s something to be grateful for, it goes just 1 step below spending time with good friends 🙂

Posted June 8th, 2015.

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Eaten away

Agrigento - August 2014

Posted May 25th, 2015.

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Last from trip up on mt Etna

NKT_0196-8tmSITE - 14th March 2015

The little sunset show on Mt Etna (at around 1700 meters above sea level) of 14th March 2015.

It’s an HDR picture. I have to say it, even if I generally try not to oversaturate or push too much the effect.
Probably in this specific case it’s more a HDR-test picture since I have never taken pictures in similar situations before that day.

Why trying HDR on snow at sunset?
My goal is to get as close as possible to what I saw and sometimes,
especially when there is a huge difference of darks and lights,
eyes can see more than what can be recorded in a single shot.
At least, that’s what I experienced so far.

Am I saying that what I saw looked exactly that way?

No, especially some snow areas are not, I think I can guess what caused this anomaly, will try to fix another day.
Yet, for this frame or reality an HDR seemed to tell in a better way the Beauty I saw
At the end, I am not taking pictures to report a crime but to remember the wonder of that moment.

Why last shot?
I have too much to do to publish so I will keep editing in random moments while trying to achieve other life goals.
Yes,  during the little free time I have in the coming weeks/month I prefer taking new pictures or complete a picture editing work for a friend instead of posting most of the “old” ones.

Max 2-3 shots per trip goes online the rest can wait to be shared.

Posted March 23rd, 2015.

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A fresh postcard from Sicily

At 1700 meters above sea level - 14th March 2015

It’s true,  for the last years I shared mainly picture of sea, of warm situations even in mid winter

This year I started sharing pictures of areas with “thick snow” (stealing a friend’s expression)

Well…what can I say?
It’s part of the magic of Mt. Etna.

It always snow “up there” in winter time and this year snow is lasting in places even weak and too busy people (like me) can reach.

In the next weeks I might keep sharing some of the beauty I saw up there last saturday.

If things keep going this way, looks like this is one of those year that those who go the sea in June will enjoy warm sea day while upper mt Etna is still under snow.

Posted March 18th, 2015.

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Beauty happens, deal with it.

Yesterday I wanted to catch a snow covered Mt Etna hit by sunset light but I have not been lucky due to clouds stealing sun to Etna and maybe it’s also the wrong period of the year to catch sunset light on mt Etna south flank.

Yet, once again, what I thought was cause of “failure” became source of wonder

Sunset time - 4th march 2015, Catania

I originally wrote a longer post where I wrote about the fact that it often happens to deal with people who accused other people of super editing pictures since “sunsets cannot be that red”.

In a few minutes I realised those people are surrounded by darkness enough that they do not need a rant from this little pseudo-photographer.

Beauty happens.
It rarely happens in ways we can control.
Deal with it.

I just hope that whoever sees this image, despite maybe not that great, will see and enjoy the wonder I saw yesterday.

Posted March 5th, 2015.

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Yellow mess

Lemon leaf against sun light - 25th February 2015 - NKTest

Rainy weeks… I think it has been raining for the last two weeks with just a a few hours break here and there

Posted February 25th, 2015.

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