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Keeping an eye on reality?

Ursino Castle (detail)I’m trying to study for an exam.
Nothing new.

Didn’t leave home since October 4th except to go to the university a couple of time and going to the mass.

Today it was a sunny day, we didn’t make in time to organize a long trip, as well as weather forecast  weren’t encourauging.

It’s Saturday, why not going out?
Plan was to go to a book store and take pictures at Duomo square.

We ended up to Ursino Castle (not that far away)

Not bad. At least I see it at least 30 days every year and I still have no picture of it in my archive.

Problem is: I spent there about 1hr

Why such a long time?
I had decided I wanted to take pictures from different points of view, so I started walking around and when the “trip” was almost over I found the answer to my question: Why camera isn’t allowing me to set short shooting time?

It was super sunny and with an f 2.8 I couldn’t go beyond 1/60, outside, even if with polarizing filter on it’s weird.

I have been shooting for about 30 minutes worrying that camera was about to die. Sure it was a creative way to day for a camera, a kind of depression before definitive blindness of the sensor… when I realized that it was just me… not depressed, but definitely and essentially: DUMB.

I took picture with the polarizing filter and the darkening filter on.

That’s me!
I restarted the little walk around the castle taking pictures only from those spots I liked more and then got back home.

I tend to be a little, just a little, absent minded, but I “swear”, I’m doing my best to keep an eye on reality.

Trying to.

Posted October 19th, 2013.

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