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A promise and the unexpected little tour downtown

I have an exam in a few days so I had to postpone of an year (for the nth time) the moment of keeping my given word:

“Spend the whole period of 3days of St. Agatha festival going around town with my camera”

Catania is full of photographers and pseudo-photographers in those days.
No one needs my pictures but I keep thinking that the best I can offer is my time and taking pictures,
so I just thought I should try doing this.
Some day.

Despite I had decided this year wasn’t the year I follow the festival,
in the afternoon of the 5th as soon as I said “weird, this year it’s harder to stay home”, my father suggested we could go there after midnight.

Every year he tries to go downtown to “say hi” to the Saint.
He generally goes alone after dinner.

This year I accepted his invite to go with him.

It felt beautiful and strange at the same time, it was like time traveling back to when I was 10 or so and I felt happy like a little girl going out with her father.
Sure I was missing the webmaster and I wished other relatives and some friends were with us
I was glad
I was glad of whatever was happening.

Somehow I felt in the right place at the right moment
Trust me, this is a pretty unusual feeling for me

I like to think that is probably the reason that made me feel for days the instinct to go there,
the reason of living this little simple unexpected experience that I will save in my memory and preserve for the rest of my life.

Unexpected, as the whole little tour downtown, came some pictures and the ability to get very close to the Saint.

Many bad things are said about the festival.
Some things are truly bad.

Despite all this the air was filled with good.

It was nice to see people there.

For the first time I didn’t feel unease at taking pictures of people.

It also arrived a picture that is pretty close to the kind I am looking for.

At St. Agatha festival - February 2014

This guy(*), who I hope doesn’t mind I took this picture, offered a nice chance to get close to display the good I look for.
He was standing among the crowd with a truly serene expression on his face.
Or at least looked like he was really glad to be there.

At looking at him I noticed,
with surprise,
that people in a warmer place (the house behind) looked a bit less happy.
They were not sad, they were just looking a bit less glad to be there.
Probably they were just tired (it was 1.20am or so when I took that picture)

I call this one of those “image moments” that seems saying
“A word to the wise…”

I wonder if I should overcome my shyness, get close and start a quick chat with some of them

Definitely I loved how, most people(*) there, seemed testifying
“it is a good moment despite the cold and all life troubles”

At St. Agatha festival - February 2014

Yes, a word to those who want to hear the good among the loud noise of bad

I wished I could stay longer but father has to work and I have to study.

To complete these 2 hours of surfing through Beauty, a last final show I could record only with eyes:
While getting back home, we saw part of the the sky lit by lava light reflecting on clouds

“Yes, this is my hometown, I have to work harder to display it at its best and who knows if someday this can lead to a concrete help”

(*) se vi riconoscete in queste foto e volete che le rimuovo, contattatemi via mail e sarà fatto al più presto

Posted February 6th, 2014.

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Exhibition: “Oggi devo fermarmi a casa” last update

Here 2 of my favorites shots taken at the Exhibition that took place in Catania a few weeks ago

If you want to see more visit the just updated gallery

Posted April 16th, 2012.

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Today it was crowded

a little experiment.
I have got only partially what I wanted to reach

Posted March 23rd, 2012.

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Setting details

I am bothering your soul with this exhibition story, ahahah I’m sorry but it’s something that it’s worth

Anyway this time it is just a reason to show a couple of pictures

The “ceiling” of the high altar (I can’t remember which is the actual name of that architectonic part of a Church)

A painting on the right wall of the Church (looking toward the high altar).
Tomorrow I’ll see if someone can tell me something more.

As you probably figured out the exhibition setting is the San Placido Church that can be found in San Placido Square in Catania.
According to the information found on the web it was first built in the early XV century.
A great quake in the late XVII century destroyed most of Catania structures and this Church was among the destroyed buildings, but in the early XVIII century they built it back.
I won’t go further for the moment because at the moment I really don’t have “reliable” sources to say more about this church.

Anyway, it is worth visiting. You don’t need to have studied art and history to appreciate its beauty.

Posted March 15th, 2012.


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